Fed Rate Cut

Hot on everyone's mind today – the talk was of the Fed rate cut.  In case you haven't heard, you can read more about it here on Bloomberg.com or just about any media outlet. 

How will this affect you?  Well, that depends. Everyone's situation is different – you may be looking at refinancing, you may be about to close on a home, you may be just starting the home search process.  Three things are for sure in my mind:

1.  If some type of financing is in your near future or you have a high fixed rate, an ARM or HELOC, you should talk to a qualified mortgage consultant.  If you don't have one, let me know – I will get you in touch with someone great.

2.  If you were wondering if this is a good time to be a Colorado home buyer, yes it is.   

3.  If you are looking to be a Denver real estate investor, this is a great time for you. 

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Steve is a Colorado real estate agent that represents home buyers and sellers in the Denver metro area and suburbs. He writes here about the local home market as well a few other sites. He has lived in Highlands Ranch since 1995 with his family. You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

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