Day 1 Redstone Park

Day 1 | Redstone Park, Highlands Ranch

Redstone Park Westridge Highlands Ranch

As this is the first official post in my new series, 365 Things To Do in the South Denver Suburbs, I wanted to make sure it was a good one.  This may not be the biggest or the brightest, but to me its one of the best.

Redstone Park is located in my neighborhood on the west side of Highlands Ranch and I am in the park at least once a day, but generally 2 – 3 times every day.  This is where I spend the early mornings and see the sun rise and often spend the evening watching the sun set against those awesome mountains we get to call our backyard.  It is where I am reminded every single day that I love Colorado and living in Denver as I am in awe of the mountain views and the beauty of Colorado.

Yeah, I walk my dog here.  🙂snow in Redstone Park Highlands Ranch

But its much more than that.  There’s soccer fields, baseball fields and in the fall you will see football.  I always find it amazing – all day long from August through late October, the park is almost silent all day on the fields.  Then at about 4pm it comes alive with just about every kid in Douglas County playing some sport with parents on the sidelines watching.  The best part – so many of those parents have ample space for a run or nice walk while the kids are at practice. And the younger ones will play for hours on the playground.

There is also tennis, a skate park, and a nearby dog park, Rover’s Run.  And its just a hop skip and a jump from the Highline Canal and another trail that leads into the Highlands Ranch East West Trail.  At the far west side of the park is Shea  Stadium where all of the area high schools in Highlands Ranch have many home games.

And then aside form walking my dog, my other pastime at Redstone is fishing with my kids.  If you live near Redstone you have seen us there, as we are often there.  Yeah, its not the biggest pond.  But its where my son caught his first fish.  So its pretty darn cool to us.  And if you get lucky, you may drop by after it is stocked – the little ones will have a ball then.

Redstone Park Highlands Ranch Colorado sunrise

Looking for Redstone Park?

Its on the west side of Highalnds Ranch in Douglas County – just east of Santa Fe Drive at Town Center and runs east all the way to Foothills Canyon Boulevard.  It is a part of the parks of the Highlands Ranch Metro Districts.

And that’s it.  That’s my park. I mean, Redstone Park.

Hope you liked Day 1.  There will be more tomorrow.

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