Highlands Ranch CO Sunrise in November

Thinking of relocating to the Denver area?  Here is a sunrise you can look forward to.

Highlands Ranch CO sunrise

I took this one from my Highlands Ranch neighborhood just yesterday.

Not every day is like this, in fact this morning is a bit gloomy.

But one thing for sure is there is variety and from time to time you will enjoy a day’s  beginning like this when you live in Colorado.

sunrise in Highlands Ranch neighborhood

While the actual sunrise is fantastic, something I didn’t snap is the way it makes the mountains appears.  Purple, gorgeous, spectacular.  Whatever your wow word of choice is.  It’s wow.


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Steve is a Colorado real estate agent that represents home buyers and sellers in the Denver metro area and suburbs. He writes here about the local home market as well a few other sites. He has lived in Highlands Ranch since 1995 with his family. You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

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