Douglas County Sheriff Substation Opens In Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch Substation for Douglas County Sheriff Opens

It has been considered for a long time. It has been studied, planned and budgeted for in great detail. It has been carefully designed and built and finally it is here! What is this you say? The new Douglas County Sheriff substation in Highlands Ranch, CO.

highlands ranch sheriff office

The Douglas County Sheriff’s office serves a large area of land to protect the citizens. Although the entire county needs the support of the Sheriff’s Office, the largest population density is in Highlands Ranch. The resources needed and the facility needed in Highlands Ranch has been clear for some time. I believe the figures quoted from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in savings over time, just on resources alone, will be hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to traveling to and from the justice facility in Castle Rock.

A few weeks ago the Sheriff’s Office held a ribbon cutting and opening ceremony at the new substation. I had the opportunity to attend and it is very impressive. It is a top notch, technologically modern facility. The Sheriff’s Office graciously opened it’s doors and allowed folks to tour and ask questions. Many of the deputies were available to demonstrate various places in the substation, and yes that included the jails, or holding cells.

highlands ranch police

There were law enforcement officials from many different jurisdictions, both local and federal. Some presently serving and some retired as well as dignitaries from local government and business leaders. All a testament to the outstanding work of the Sheriff’s Department and the staff that had the vision and seen the plan through for this outstanding new sub station.

Here’s a short video clip from the opening ceremony outside of the building before we went inside.  I had meant to post this sooner, but have been busy – and yes, that is some snow on the ground.

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