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I live in Highlands Ranch and like most of the Denver metro area, the Centennial Water District has tiers and allowances for water usage for each home.  So far we have had a pretty mild spring, and weather has been awesome.  That also means that many of us, myself included have been happily watering our green grass.  Happily until we get the recent water bill. Mine increased dramatically from the previous bill.  I knew it would go up, naturally I’ve been using more water to irrigate the lawn and keep it looking as good as I can.  But with the water allocations set by the water district, I seem to have started watering the lawn a little too soon.  I suspect many others did too.

Green Grass in DenverHighlands Ranch Metro Distric bills in 2 month cycles, so this bill reflects usage from early March thru early May.  Water budgets don’t seem to increase for the season until about May, so all those early watering days were costly.  I do conserve and don’t water everyday.  I can’t imagine the bill if I did.  Now we are in late spring and lawns certainly need water to stay green and healthy.  It is too hot not to water.  With the real estate market also heating up, many have wondered just how much they should water to keep up the curb appeal but not break the bank.


Here are a few tips of mine (although I’m no lawn expert):

  • Water before and after sunset, while it is cooler and there is less evaporation
  • Aerate the lawn in spring and fall
  • Fertilize! This helps more than you know.  Ask the pros the right mix for the season
  • Use soil conditioners like Revive to help break up the clay soil we have here in Denver
  • Don’t over water.  Set the water to run each zone enough to soak, not run off down the street
  • If you don’t have automatic sprinklers, keep an eye on the water run off and change the hose manually
  • No need to water everyday, set a schedule to water some mornings, some evenings and rotate.
  • Keep the mower set high to keep the grass longer, allowing moisture to retain

Curb appeal is important.  Edge the lawn, keep the grass green and cut, and keep the weeds out!  You’ll enjoy coming home to your beautiful yard and so will your neighbors enjoy looking at it too.  Who knows, if you are looking to sell your home it may make all the difference to the buyer! Contact me for help getting your home ready to sell or to find that perfect home you’re looking for!

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