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Snowy Street in WinterThe change of season just seems to creep up on you this time of year, FAST.  The weather here in Denver this week has been fantastic to say the least.  That happens pretty often in October.  Sunny skies and warm temperatures, then bam! Change of season.  Time to think about those home maintenance tips that I wrote about.

According to the weather forecasters, we are heading into some drastic change of weather in the next couple of days including the white stuff.  You know, SNOW!  So have you taken some time to consider preparing your home for this change of season? I wrote an article last year offering some home maintenance tips on preparing for winter here in Colorado.  If you can, go and read that post and hopefully you can be reminded of some things to get done around the house before the snow starts flying.

The home maintenance tips that I wrote about are just a small sample.  I would encourage you to at least start with those tips and then maybe check around your own home to see if there are more details to attend to while you prepare for the cold season.

The last quarter of the year is always a good time to buy and sell real estate.  There seems to be less competition, while the active buyers and sellers are often anxious to get under contract.  Financially, there could be tax savings, etc…to be used on your return come April.  Seek counsel from your accountant on this matter.  If you may be in the market to buy or sell a home in the Denver area, I would like to help.  Please get in touch and let’s see if we can be a fit to work together.


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