Christmas Tree Recycling In Highlands Ranch


Christmas treeThe holiday season is still in full swing and as people get ready for the New Year many are wondering what to do with the Christmas Tree. Yes, Christmas is over now for this year and I hope you got all that you wished for.  If you did put up a live Christmas Tree and you live in Highlands Ranch there are options for Christmas Tree recycling for free.

Highlands Ranch Metro District offers free Christmas Tree recycling at several locations throughout Highlands Ranch.  So for many, the tree already needs to go and for others it can make it to the New Year.  Whatever the case may be, remember that there are drop off locations to discard the tree for free.

The Highlands Ranch Metro District will turn the recycled trees to mulch and offer it for free to residents for use in gardens and yards.  Another great resource and benefit of living in Highlands Ranch.  So please remember to remove decorations and any wrapping used to protect your vehicle when you drop it off so the staff can have an easier time mulching.

I live near Redstone Park and love the smell of the fresh trees as they are recycled every year.  I can smell them as I walk my dog in the mornings.  I also really appreciate living in a community like Highlands Ranch that offers so many different services to the residents.  If you would like to consider living in Highlands Ranch or moving within the ranch, I would love to help.  With nearly 20 years of living and selling homes here, I can definitely be a great resource and broker for you.  Just get in touch and we can chat.

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