5 Tips For Showing Your Home In Bad Weather

Bad weather snow shovelingHere in Denver the weather has not been all that messy so far this winter.  Yes, there has been some snow fall, not too much but it doesn’t take much snow or rain to make a mess of your shoes.  This can be a real problem when you are trying to sell your home and lot’s of folks are walking in.  You need a plan for this.  You need 5 tips for showing your home in bad weather!

So here is a brief list of 5 common sense tips that may help you with a lot of clean up or even permanent damage. These tips may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many homes I go into and the sellers have made no provisions for messy shoes and tracking in dirt, mud and water from the messy weather outside.

  1. Remind visitors to remove their shoes.  This starts with the instructions given to the showing service or broker office that sets up the showings.  Have them give instruction to the agent that will be showing to remove shoes when entering the home.  This may easily be forgotten or overlooked, so a best practice would be to also post a reminder note in an obvious place, like on the front door, to remind visitors again to remove shoes.
  2. Provide a place to put shoes at the home’s entry.  Once inside, your visitors will be expected to remove their shoes and they should have an obvious place to put the shoes before continuing through the house.  Place an indoor mat just inside the entry for this purpose and keep it clean.
  3. Provide booties to cover shoes.  These are the cloth type covers you would find in hospitals and such that slip over shoes.  This is an alternative for those that may not want to remove their shoes.  Not everyone does.  Caution! They can either come off inside the house or can provide the visitor extra courage to venture into areas such as the garage or out on the deck that they may not have in their own socks.  Also, if you provide booties at the entry then also provide a place to sit and put them on, like a chair or a convenient step.  Nothing like trying to stand on one foot while stretching the bootie over your shoe that seems too big at the moment.
  4. Pay attention to the indoor environment.  You should always do this anyway, however with bad weather outside it is likely you will have a closed environment inside.  So keep the temperature comfortable and keep the home smelling nice.  Since the windows likely won’t be open you will want to keep trash empty, pet areas clean and generally avoid any unpleasant odors.  Don’t make the mistake of over doing any air fresher or other scent.  This can be as obnoxious to many people as bad odor.
  5. Clear and clean a path.  This is another obvious thing to do, but can get overlooked.  If it is snowing and you can clear a path to the door, then do it.  I know this is not always feasible.  You may actually need to leave home and go to work while it is snowing. 🙂 But if you can then don’t forget it.  Also, don’t forget to clear the deck or patio as well.  Remember that people do like to go out there to check it out.  In rainy or other messy weather, cleaning the path is as important.  Make sure there is not dirt and mud to walk through on the way inside.


I hope these 5 tips for showing your home in bad weather is helpful.  I know it seems like simple and obvious things to do.  For some, maybe this gave you an idea you didn’t consider.  Bad weather can’t be controlled here in Denver or anywhere else, a seller needs to deal with it while trying to sell their home.  However, you don’t need to have your floors all messed up or ruined in the process.  If you are considering selling your home and would like some honest, professional and experienced help please get in touch with me.  I would love to talk with you to see if we would be a good business match.

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