Changing Things Up

Making Changes

I have wanted a different look here on the blog for some time to provide readers with the Denver real estate info that they are looking for.

I had hoped to achieve that with the Thesis theme that I currently have, but it has not been as easy to accomplish what I want.  While I love having the ease of blog posts to provide info, I would prefer a static front page that is also visually appealing so that viewers can easily find info on what they are looking for whether its info on different suburbs, home searches, real estate market reports, etc.

I have been wanting to do this for about a year and just recently I had enough feedback from regular viewers that made me move this to the top of the to do list.

In the next few days I will be attempting to changing things up a bit, I already started last night and things were looking a tad wonky until just a bit ago this morning.  Thankfully my wife is far more skilled behind the scenes that I, so I have no doubt I will ultimately have the look I want as she has been kind enough to assist.  Most changes are taking place behind the scenes, but it does sometimes activate a few things live and I don’t always notice them right away.

So, consider yourself a tad warned – if this look off for a bit, don’t worry.  I’m on it.

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Happy New Year!

2011 is here! Happy New Year Colorado!

I started my New Year yesterday morning with a frigid walk in Highlands Ranch with my dog Tully.

Took this photo in Redstone Park with my Evo phone. I think it looks cold, clean and crisp – like a fresh start.

Not the best picture with the phone, but I still like it.

Redstone Park Highlands Ranch 1/1/11

What do you think?

I wish all my clients, my past clients, my family, my friends and of course my Denver real estate blog readers a very Happy New Year!


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Real Estate in Denver and the Suburbs 2010 In Review

This is generally the week that you read everyone’s year in review posts & predictions for next year. I’ll skip the predictions for now, but wanted to revisit a few things I posted about here this year.

Denver Real Estate
Kind of a crazy year for real estate across the board nationwide and the Denver metro area was no exceptions.  We saw new interest in shorts sales, and an understanding at how frustrating buying or selling a short sale home can be at times.  We saw prices start to steady as buyers re-enter the market and then we learned how fast things can go wrong.  We also saw what seemed to be the never ending home buyer’s tax credit, that then finally ended.  Here’s a few posts that covered some of those areas and more:

Can You Still Buy Your First Home in the Denver Suburbs?

What is an Absorption Rate?

Moving in Denver – 5 Quick Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

Title Insurance in the Real Estate Contract

Living in Denver: HOAs – Can You Live With Them?

5 Reasons To Buy A Denver Home Now

The Real Estate Transaction Series: Deadlines and Dates

The Real Estate Transaction Series: HOA Matters

5 Reasons Your Denver Home Has Not Sold

Highlands Ranch –
As most of you know, Highlands Ranch is where I live
and it tends to be where I write about & do business in most often.  I do cover the entire Denver metro area, particularly all of the south Denver suburbs and Douglas County, but my writing has focused on Highlands Ranch homes and neighborhoods.  That will be a goal for 2011 to make sure I am featuring the other cities and towns more often.

Living in Highlands Ranch – New Trash and Recycling

Highlands Ranch Gets A New Sheriff’s Station

What is the Best Highlands Ranch Neighborhood?

Highlands Ranch Recycling

Highlands Ranch Golf Club | Highlands Ranch CO Neighborhoods

Living in Highlands Ranch – Walk in the Park

Highlands Ranch Colorado on CNN Money List as Best Places To Live

Highlands Ranch CO Sunrise in November

Business & Schools
Schools were a hot topic this year, with many schools saying good bye to the track system in Douglas County and new bus fees.  Lots of business news as well.

Denver Relocation – Douglas County Schools and the Track System Schedule

Support Metro Denver Local Business – The 3/50 Project

IKEA Officially Coming to Centennial, CO

Living in Denver – Douglas County Schools To Charge For Bus

Douglas County: Where The Jobs Are Says CNN Money

Colorado Schools Registration: Open Enrollment is Now, Or About To Be

Denver Weather
300 Days of Sunshine a Year?  I am pretty sure we had at least 301 this year. But in all seriousness, Fall 2010 and into Winter was spectacular, and as I write this on 12/30, we are experiencing our first true storm of 2010 (and it doesn’t seem that bad – although its pretty darn cold).

Relocating to Denver and Worried This Weather is the Norm?

Living in Denver – Summer Is Officially Here

Denver Relocation: The Weather Has Not Been Frightful

365 Things to Do in South Denver Suburbs
Back in July I started the series 365 Things To Do in the South Denver Suburbs and started a Facebook page to go along with it.  I certainly wasn’t the first one to do this, many other Realtors throughout the country have done it well (and plenty of other businesses) and I wanted to see what I could do for my community as well with it.  I figured – I am writing about local spots, businesses and events anyway – why not?  Well I will tell you, to keep up and post meaning full content on a different place or business every day with related photos and/or video – not easy. I struggled into the fall to keep up, as of course real estate work comes first :).  As we approached the holiday season I basically gave myself permission to not post every day.  I figured it was better to do it less often than post shoddy info in a rush.  So it continues but we should be at about Day 170 or so, and we’re not.  Just posted Day 104.  In any case, here are some of my favorite places I have covered and you can look forward to more in 2011.  It is something I enjoy doing and will whenever I can.  If you would like to “like” the Facebook page, you will then get the updated posts into your Facebook page feed when there is something new.

My Blog Series | 365 Things to Do in South Denver CO Suburbs

Day 1 Redstone Park

Day 3 Savory Spice Shop

Day 6 Civic Green Fountains

Day 7 Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Day 10 Merles in Littleton CO

Day 13 Daniels Park

Day 15 Cantina Laredo

Day 20 Littleton Town Hall Arts Center

Day 23 Cornzapoppin

Day 31 Off Leash Dog Parks

Day 35 Yogurtland

Day 45 The Streets of Southglenn

Day 49 Denver Dumb Friends League

Day 52 Hudson Gardens

Day 64 Tokyo Joes

Day 66 Taste of Philly

Day 74 Take A Walk At Sunrise

Day 79 Cafe Terracotta in Littleton CO

Day 84 Ride The RTD Light Rail Into Denver

Day 91 Take A Walk in Highlands Ranch: Foothills Trail

So there you have it, there are also 2 other Facebook pages that were started this year, Denver Real Estate and Highlands Ranch Connected.  Check them out.

Happy New Year!

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Day 103 Let Christmas Take You By Surprise

On Day 103 of 365 Things To Do in South Denver Suburbs,  I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

I am sure many of you have seen this video, it is a flash mob last month in a food court of a mall that busts out…well, just watch it if you haven’t already.

Merry Christmas to you & yours and let the spirit of Christmas catch you off guard, just a little bit, and take you by surprise with the magic of Christmas.

About 365 Things in South Denver Suburbs: Whether you have lived in the south Denver suburbs for a long time or are considering Denver relocation, this series will help you discover new events and new places to visit every day!

Other Things to Do in the South Denver Suburbs you may like:

Day 102 Explore Denver Suburbs Via Christmas Lights

Day 101 – Christmas Lights Displays in Denver & The Suburbs

Highlands Ranch Christmas Lights in Weatherstone Neighborhood

Want To Find this page on Facebook to share with your friends & family? Click on over to the Face book page 365 Things to Do In South Denver Suburbs “Like” it and share!

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Testing 1.2.3…

So just testing things out to make sure everything is posting properly after the big presto-chango.

Things are not finished and will continue to evolve but let’s make sure I can post.

Highline canal Trail mountain view Littleton CO

And of course I want to make sure I can load images properly, so I am including a photo to test that as well.

The picture was taken last summer on a family bike ride in Littleton, CO on the Highline Canal Trail.

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New Look For The Blog – Real Estate in Denver and the Suburbs

Just a warning that if you pop by here today, Monday, and things are a mess – I have been warned that they could be.  We will be doing a little housecleaning here today, to make the blog a bit easier to use for all of you.   My wife Laura has been wanting to help me update things here for some time.  She has blocked off today to get it done.  So we shall see how it goes.

In doing so, things may look out of whack for a bit.

No worries, things will be all set in no time.


Learning a Thing or Two About My Denver Real Estate Blog

As a Denver Realtor, I have always been one to keep up on the real estate market as a whole and am always continuing my education in that area.


When it comes to the upkeep of this site, I always have a lot to learn.  Back in the spring, I took one more step forward of learning more by attending Real Estate Word Camp in downtown Denver. While there were many sessions about how to keep the content here on track, I was also excited to learn about the more technical aspects behind the scenes.  


A few months prior to that I attended another such conference here in the Denver area that was hosted by a group called Active Rain.


And this Thursday 6/17 I will be attending another.  The RE Bar Camp is an interesting conference, there isn’t a set schedule – we all show up in the morning and a schedule develops “a la” sticky notes on who would like to present what.  I have been a few times to this conference, but it never gets old – because there is always something new to learn about.


I enjoy attending these conferences and I find them extremely beneficial as I learn all types of new ideas on how to serve my clients that best that I can.  I also get the chance to be introduced to new and different ways to use technology in my real estate business and interact with others in my field and see what is and is not working for them and their clients.

If you are in the Denver real estate market, I suggest you pop by the RE Bar Camp site and check it out and register.  It is very affordable and worth your time. 


Prior to my attendance this year my participation online had dropped considerably.  I was not updating my sites & blog nearly enough.  After the Denver Word Camp, it has gone up a bit.  I was known, as several joked, to write a bit but have it all saved in draft.  My friend and Phoenix real estate agent Jay Thompson told me to just publish.  Well, I am getting better at that.  No more procrastinating if I don’t have the perfect picture. No more searching for links for more than a few minutes. If I write it, I try to publish it online as soon as I can.  Now I still have plenty things saved in draft, but it has dropped – I think I am under 50 now. 


So to my fellow Denver Real estate pros, see you at Denver RE Bar Camp?

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