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We’ve had our first real snow of the season now this week and while I thought it would warm up today, that hasn’t been the case.  If you are thinking ofHighlands Ranch Redstone Parkputting your home on the market, here are some tips from past posts that will help you sell you Denver real estate and protect your home in the winter months.

Showing Your Home in Bad Weather – Weather you live in Highlands Ranch, Denver, Lone Tree – wherever, this week was the first in the Denver area where you has to make considerations on showing your home in bad weather.

Preparing Your Denver Home For Winter – It isn’t too late for some winter prep for your home and yard

Freezing Pipes Prevention & What to do When it Happens – This is not a fun one. This weeks cold shouldn’t be bad enough to cause this, but you want to read this before it gets any colder.

Denver Relocation Information – Winter Weather – Many of my Denver relocation clients ask me about typical Denver weather in the winter.

What other tips do you have for selling Denver real estate in the winter?

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Denver Real Estate Market Update October 2012

Denver Homes Sales Statistics

Let’s start to look at some Denver real estate market numbers as we head into the last quarter of 2012.  There is still talk on the national news, magazines and such of this housing slump.  Again, it is all local as I have said many times before.

As far as our local market here in Denver, no slump.  In fact, the market is in many instances so HOT that homes just can’t stay around long enough for everyone to see them.  There are multiple offers on many homes in certain areas and price ranges and overall, the inventory is down.  WAY DOWN!  But then again so are interest rates and if you are a serious buyer the best advice right now is to be prepared and ready to pull the trigger if you find the right home.

The chart below indicates the market for Denver, October 2012.  Yes, it is late November but the stat’s lag a bit and need to be compiled.  Still, you can see the overall changes in October from the previous year, fewer inventory and more sold and an increase in price.  A good market indeed.

Let’s focus a bit on the right hand column, the year to date figures.  You can see big percentage gains of Denver homes pending and sold with less inventory.  Seems to signal demand for Denver real estate to me.  More good news is big drops in the days on market and significant gains in median and average sold prices.

Most of the homes in Denver are in a seller’s market.  Low inventory, low interest rates drive the buyer competition and spur on the real estate market.  If you need help buying your next home or investment property, or maybe you need help marketing and selling your current home or investment, just get in touch.  I can guide you and provide proven results.


Denver real estate market statistics

Buy, Sell, Rent or Wait | Denver Real Estate Market

Real Estate Sold SignIt’s back to school time and we will be heading towards the holiday season soon, so this time of year usually brings out the question in the minds of home sellers and buyers in the Denver real estate market, “Is now a good time to buy or sell, or should I wait for the market to improve after the holidays?”  However, this question has gone on all year for many.

We watch the news and read online of the questionable real estate market and the “experts” tell us there may be this new wave of shadow inventory still to come.  Of course, bad news does sell after all. Well, I don’t have a “crystal ball” to see if this does happen in the future, I don’t see this devastating wave of distressed inventory crushing the market again. I hope I’m right!  Real estate markets are always local, I’ve said it many times before and even the local markets are difficult to predict.  I will say there is plenty of data to suggest it is a good time to buy Denver real estate. If you want or need to sell your home, the numbers are very encouraging.  If you plan to purchase another home to replace the one you sell you’ll find that inventory is low and good homes get snatched up quick.  Mortgage interest rates remain very low making your buying power better than ever.

Maybe you think it would be better to just rent.  Vacancy rates in Denver have hit some of the the lowest levels since they’ve been tracked.  What does that mean to you?  You will likely need to be better qualified and pay more in rent than almost ever before. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising that you will pay more to rent than to own.  But, you say, “I won’t be locked into an home if the value goes down and I’m stuck with it.” It can be a complicated decision and needs to make sense to you personally.  If your goal is still home ownership, then I encourage you to consider your options.  Now is really a good time for that.

Let me know if I can help you begin the process of buying or selling real estate here in Denver. If you want to consider investing or you are an investor, I would like to help you take advantage of this market to grow your portfolio and profits.



5 Tips For Buyers In A HOT Real Estate Market

Highlands Ranch home for saleIn many markets across the county, real estate buyers are in kind of a feeding frenzy!  Inventory is low and homes just don’t hang out on the market too long.  The Denver real estate market in 2012 is maybe one of the HOTTEST right now and homes that sellers have prepared well won’t last but days in some cases.

Denver home buyers need to be prepared when entering this competitive market.  Online, there are millions of tips on this, below is a short list of home buyer tips that I thought could be pretty useful if you are planning to buy a home in the Denver area and want to be ready.

  1. 1. Make a plan – where do you really want to live – what are of Denver? How many bedrooms, baths, square feet and style? It’s a good idea to really think about what you want in a home and plan it out before heading out in the market.
    2. Get pre approved – more than a pre qualify, have a lender run credit and such to get a sound idea of how much you can afford and how those payments will fit into your lifestyle plan. Make sure you’re comfortable.  Also, you’ll need this to be a serious buyer when making an offer on your next home.
    3. Don’t hesitate – Heavy inventory and long days on market lulled real estate buyers into a sense of having loads of time to decide over the last few years.  Those days are gone.  With Denver area home inventory at roughly half and low interest rates, the home you liked today somebody else liked yesterday and bought today.  Happens all day long.
    4. Don’t panic – If you do find the home for you and there seems to be a lot of other interest and maybe multiple offers, go back to the plan. Does it really meet all the objectives? Is it going to meet the budget and lifestyle needs? Try not to overpay, there always seems to be another home that comes along that will work. When it does, refer back to #3.
    5. Get help – Get an experienced Denver Realtor.  Someone that can keep things in perspective and level headed.  An ally with local market knowledge and negotiating skills to work through the contract and look after your best interest.

I hope this short list is helpful.  If you need more detailed help in preparing to purchase a  home and need an experienced Denver Realtor to guide you, please get in touch with me.  I’m happy to talk with you about your situation and may be a good fit to help you with your next move.

7 Steps To Get Your Denver Home Ready To Sell

Highlands Ranch HomeSo you made the decision to sell your Denver home and move on! Millions of people do every year and it is never that easy for any of them. Moving can be stressful and full of the unknown.  How long will it take ? Will I have to double move? The list goes on…

I’ve sold a lot of homes in Denver over the last 17 years or so, and I’ve been in many more for sale.  There are always some things about any home that a seller just can’t change or do anything about and you have to deal with that.  On the other hand, there are plenty of things anybody can do to help themselves out when trying to sell their home.  Some folks do an outstanding job and the home looks great. Usually sells pretty quick too.  Others, well they can use some help with basic ideas on preparing.

Here is a helpful list of seven steps every home seller should take in order to prepare their home and themselves to sell in any market:

  1. 1. De Clutter – You’ve always heard this and it’s true. Get rid of the clutter. Give stuff away. Get a storage locker if you need to, but this one thing can make such a huge difference in how a buyer views your home.
    2. Clean – Yes clean. Then keep it clean, every day that you’re on the market. This means inside the oven, microwave, closets and basements.  Everywhere. Seems odd that this needs to be mentioned, but you would be surprised.
    3. Stage – If you can hire a professional, do it. If not, then ask the advice of your realtor and a friend with a good eye for that. A home that flows well, sells well.
    4. Curb Appeal – This is your first chance to make an impression on the market.  Is your yard clean, well kept, trimmed and free of weeds and dead vegetation?  Is the porch and front door clean and free of cobwebs or dirt? A broom or a hose can go a long way here. Remember, the buyer will begin sizing up the home right here while waiting to get let in for the showing. Here’s more posts on curb appeal.
    5. Maintenance – Do you have some things to fix around the house? Squeaky floor, door handles, leaky faucet? Take care of the basic maintenance and hire someone if you need to to handle what you can’t. Nobody really wants to feel like they are buying a fixer upper, unless the price is right.  Sure, you’re not selling a new home, but you do want to sell your home right?
    6.Professional Advice – Have you talked with an experienced Denver Realtor? Do you have someone with a proven plan to sell your home and get you moving? Do you have someone on your side to guide you through the complexities of what is likely your biggest transaction, by far?
    7.Price it Right! – This goes without saying.  You can do just about everything else right but if you don’t have the house priced right, you will likely struggle. Nobody wants to overpay for anything and housing is certainly no exception.Be reasonable an fair with what your home has based on the local real estate market. Sometimes you may not get back what you put in, sometimes you may get back more.

I hope this short list is helpful.  If you need more detailed help in preparing your home to sell and need an experienced realtor to guide you, please get in touch with me.  I’m happy to talk with you about your situation and may be a good fit to help you with your next move.


National Western Stock Show

Denver stock show rodeoHowdy Folks!  It’s just about mid January here in Denver and that can only mean one (of many) things.  It’s Denver stock show time.  Actually, it is more than halfway though the National Western Stock Show & Rodeo here in Denver, which is why you need to go and check it out.  If you have never been to a rodeo or up close with real livestock and cowboys, then you are in for a real treat!

This is the real deal.  These animals are huge, beautiful and a bit intimidating to a city slicker like myself.  Never fear, there is always the smaller animals for the kids of the more intimidated big kids.  As far as the rodeo goes, these are the best of the best competing here.  There are rodeo’s for all types of fun, including ProRodeo featuring some of the world’s best bronco and bull riders.  This is a thrill to see live if you haven’t ever seen it.  The power of the animals is stunning and the courage and strength of the riders is awesome.  The skills of the horseback riders is amazing and of course, the clowns.  They bring us a laugh but also serve a very vital role in the protection of the cowboys.  Their courage behind the mask is incredible.

The stock show has something entertaining for everyone.  Cowboy or not, it is a lot of fun!

South Metro Denver Real Estate Data by Zip Code | August 2011

 August 2011 – South Metro Denver real estate market statistics by zip code.

Little late posting this, but I had made & saved the chart, so I may as well as I know there are those out there that like to compare the numbers of home sales prices.

South Metro Denver area & suburbs real estate statistics for September – November 2011 coming right up.

South Metro Denver Real Estate Statistics August 2011

If you’re looking to sell or buy in Highlands Ranch or anywhere in the Denver area, contact me I would love to help.

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