Douglas County CO Real Estate Market Update July 2012

Real estate market data isn’t always the most interesting to read about.  But, if you are in the market for a home or investment in the Denver area or thinking or selling then this data is probably pretty interesting.  And it should be!

Douglas County CO real estate statistics July 2012Let’s take a look at the statistics for some areas that I have included here in my Douglas County real estate market report.  The chart to the right is the statistics includes many of the south metro suburbs such as Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Parker and Lone Tree to name some. (click the image to view larger)

The active home inventory is down over 30% from the same time last year. So if you’ve heard me talk about low inventory causing a brisk seller’s market, this is why.  Now take a look at the real estate under contract and sold homes year to date! To support the fact that it has moved to a seller’s market, homes under contract are up almost 34% and those already sold up almost 25% ! All this while inventory is down significantly. Of course, it is partly because inventory is down.  Average sold prices are up over 1%, so the positive trend is a great sign for our local economy.  Housing is a key factor affecting all parts of the economy.  When homes are selling for more and taking less time the health of the real estate market is dramatically improved.

It is important to note that mortgage interest rates remain incredibly low.  So if you are considering buying a home or investment, now is still a great time.  You can borrow money cheaper than ever, which helps lower your monthly cost as well as making it easier to qualify.  Just make sure you prepare yourself to purchase since homes will sell pretty quick right now.

If you have had thoughts of selling and these figures look pretty enticing to you, then now really is a great time to make that happen as well.  Again, remember to prepare yourself to sell to make a big difference in the outcome.

I track the statistics from the Denver MLS and provide my readers the latest monthly charts as reported for many of the Denver areas. Here is an example of the latest chart for Highlands Ranch and you can always find the current Highlands Ranch real estate statistics on my site. .  I can provide these for most of the Denver metro area cities as well as help sort out the details rather than just provide a chart. (click the image to view larger)

If you would like help interpreting the home values in your area, please get in touch.  I could be a great match for you and your real estate needs.  I would love to help.

Steve Scheer

Are There Any Douglas County Schools Still On The Track System?

Douglas County CO Elementary SchoolIt’s back to school time again, already!  Can you believe how fast the summer seems to go?  Most kids are back in school and starting to learn all those new subjects for this school year. Kids in Douglas County Schools may have started early, but not as early as they used to.

Once upon a time, not that long ago, Douglas County was the fastest growing area in the country.  With that rapid growth, there was a plan and a need to accommodate the elementary schools with the expanding population.  So many new residents moving to Douglas County, and a large portion of them into Highlands Ranch, that careful planning needed to take place in order to manage the students along with the budget for new school buildings.  Thus was the start of the Douglas County School track system.

Many parts of Douglas County continue to see growth, however that huge rush of population took place some years back and now we have leveled out to a more stable cycle.  This is what the planners back then anticipated.  Smart people.  So now, the use of a track system in most of the elementary schools has given way to the more traditional school year.

There are some Douglas County schools that are on more of a modified calendar and many on a conventional calendar.  If you’re curious which, the Douglas County school district puts out a school calendar choice list so you can know what your school, or the school you will be heading to, will plan for the year.  Just click the link in the school’s choice column to see the calendar for the year. If you are planning a move within Douglas County or to Douglas County, hopefully this list can help with student planning.

If I can help guide you through this or more importantly, the real estate process please get in touch.  I would love to help and see if I could be a good fit.

South Metro Denver Real Estate Data by Zip Code | August 2011

 August 2011 – South Metro Denver real estate market statistics by zip code.

Little late posting this, but I had made & saved the chart, so I may as well as I know there are those out there that like to compare the numbers of home sales prices.

South Metro Denver area & suburbs real estate statistics for September – November 2011 coming right up.

South Metro Denver Real Estate Statistics August 2011

If you’re looking to sell or buy in Highlands Ranch or anywhere in the Denver area, contact me I would love to help.

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Denver Real Estate Market Report By Zip Code | South Suburbs | July 2011

 Denver Zip Code Real Estate Report July 2011Well we’re into the second half of the year already so let’s look at July’s figures.  I see a lot of RED!  Understandably, the inventory levels are less than in previous years but let’s not get caught up in all of that.  Let’s look at what we have right now.  To me it looks pretty good.

Sellers in most South Denver real estate zip codes are looking at fairly low months of inventory.  Sellers in areas such as Parker, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree and Englewood all enjoy a seller’s real estate market.  Like I always say however, an overpriced home in less than good condition will struggle to sell in any market.  So sellers need to stay focused on price and condition.

Buyers never fear!  There is still enough inventory out there for you to find the perfect home.  Take advantage now of these all time low rates which improve your buying power tremendously based on mortgage qualification and monthly payments.  If you find the home you like, act on it.  It is a great time to buy, really.

If you are looking to buy your next home or maybe sell your current home, please contact me and let’s see how I can help.  I’m active in the market and stay current on real estate values and trends.


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Denver Real Estate Market Report By Zip Code | South Suburbs | June 2011

June 2011 real estate data by zip code south Denver Metro

We are a bit more than halfway through the year already so let’s take a look at June’s statistics for the midyear.  Most zip codes for the south metro Denver area remain  pretty steady as far as sales and inventory levels.  In fact, most are pretty good  for the market with most zip codes staying “red”, which indicates a fairly hot market for sellers.

Parker and Castle Rock both have large numbers of active inventory and Parker continues to show great activity in it’s 80134 zip code!  Highlands Ranch reflects a seller’s market as well as many of the zip codes just north, including Englewood, Centennial and Greenwood Village along with others.

If you are a seller in one of these South Metro Denver zip codes, remain competitive on price, condition and depending on your price range, you may need to remain patient.  Even though it is a stable market according to statistics, the hottest prices remain between $200-$500k.

Buyers, stay active and engaged in the market. If you are ready to buy, then don’t believe the inventory will remain on the market forever and there is an overabundance of choices.  As you can see, in most areas inventory is to the seller’s advantage and the best homes continue to sell quick.

The Denver Real Estate market is pretty good. If you would like a more detailed look at your own home’s value or if you are looking to buy, please contact me I would love to help.

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Denver Real Estate Market Report By Zip Code | South Suburbs | May 2011

Denver Homes Sales & Real Estate Statistics

May continued the trend of a fairly strong homes seller’s market this year, at least as far as inventory levels go. Looking at the chart, there is still a lot of red!  Seller’s need to take advantage of the season, keep the curb appeal spruced up grass green and cut, fresh mulch and blooming flowers.

Buyers have fewer choices so don’t hesitate when you find the home you love. Especially anything priced under $200k, these homes are HOT! Take advantage of still great interest rates and start living your dream.

The Denver Real Estate market is pretty good. If you would like a more detailed look at your own home’s value or if you are looking to buy, please contact me I would love to help.

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Denver Real Estate Market Report By Zip Code | South Suburbs | April 2011


April inventory levels remain positive in most areas. Not too much of an over supply in the market.  In fact, as you can see by all the red, most areas have relatively low levels of inventory.  There is a good amount of inventory out in Parker, which is the 80134 and 80138 zips, however also a lot of sales leaving the area in a pretty balanced market condition.

On average, days on market look to be a bit over 4 months for many areas which is consistent with the months of inventory in those areas.  What does this mean to sellers?  Lower inventory again this month is good.  However, patience is necessary for most, the showing activity is just not that brisk.  Also, be very competitive in price and condition.  With fewer homes competing for the home buyers, it becomes clear to those out in the market which homes are overpriced and which need more attention to condition details.  So keep it clean, well maintained and priced right and you should be fine.

Buyers need to act quicker if they have interest in a particular home. With less inventory and great interest rates, the home you like today another buyer may very well have seen and liked yesterday.  Now you find it under contract!

The Denver Real Estate market is pretty good. If you would like a more detailed look at your own home’s value or if you are looking to buy, please contact me I would love to help.

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