Highlands Ranch Easter Egg Hunt

Easter BasketEaster is almost here along with Spring!  I love this time of year with all the new life springing up and of course, the warmer weather.  This time of year also means we are approaching Easter. There are always so many wonderful Easter celebrations both spiritual and fun.  Right now I want to talk about one of the fun events, the Highlands Ranch Easter Egg Hunt !  This has been an annual tradition since my kids were little.  Sadly, they are not anymore.  But if you have little ones this event is so much fun.  And guess who will be there? You know it, the Easter Bunny.  Kids love it, parents and grandparents love it.  Try to make time to go.

Remember, this event is rain or shine. Trust me, they mean it.  I remember being out there in the rain, in mud but still a ton of fun.  The Highlands Ranch Easter Egg Hunt will take place on Saturday, March 30 at 10am SHARP!!  They do start right on time, and since this is one of the largest Easter Egg Hunts in the area, with over 25,000 eggs they need to keep on a schedule since they separate children into age groups.  By the way, the event is for children one to ten years old.

The Highlands Ranch Easter Egg Hunt takes place at Northridge Park and the event is FREE.  Go early and have fun.  Don’t forget to bring your camera and take lots of pictures of those little ones.  They grow up so fast.  Here is a photo album of past Highlands Ranch Easter Egg Hunts.  If you have old eggs from past years, you can recycle them at the Eastridge Rec Center as well.

This event is one of so many throughout the year planned and hosted by the Highlands Ranch Community Association.  Highlands Ranch is much more than just a place to live, it is a community.  This is another reason that I enjoy living in Highlands Ranch.  If you or someone you know would like to consider a move to Highlands Ranch, I would love to help.  Just get in touch and we can explore options from there.



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Highlands Ranch Holiday Activities

Highlands Ranch HolidaysWow! It’s that time of year again already.  The holiday season has begun in Highlands Ranch and we just finished Thanksgiving.  So now we head into December and look forward to tons of Christmas cheer.  Thanks to the wonderful people in Highlands Ranch that take care to plan and provide us with so many fun holiday activities.

To begin, if you haven’t been out to BackCountry in Highlands Ranch, it is beautiful.  Trails, vistas, elk and some buffalo.  But come the holiday season, it can been quite a treat.  One of the many Highlands Ranch holiday activities is to go for a horse drawn hay ride or if we actually get some snow soon, a sleigh ride!  Fun for everyone.  Get some hot chocolate, stop for a campfire and just enjoy a good old fashioned holiday treat.

If you have “little ones”, then don’t miss the holiday teddy bear tea or breakfast with Santa.  Both of these Highlands Ranch holiday activities are family favorites and usually sell out so get tickets early and make this a very memorable year.  Most of the events for the holiday season kick off with the Hometown Holiday Celebration in Highlands Ranch Town Center.  This is where you want to be for the official tree lighting, entertainment and of course, Santa!

There are so many reasons to want to live in Highlands Ranch.  The many holiday activities are just a part of the year round community building events that make living here a special place to be.  If you do live here like I do, or maybe looking to live in Highlands Ranch I would like to help.  Just get in touch and we can have a friendly chat and see how I might help.

Speaking of houses in Highlands Ranch, don’t forget to enter your home for the house decorating contest if you think you can win.  Hurry, the entry deadline is December 5th.  Below is a video I took a couple years ago of an awesome display in Weatherstone.  Enjoy!

Denver Holiday Lights and Events

Denver Holiday Lights and Christmas Events 2012

As we wrap up Thanksgiving weekend, there’s only one thing my kids are thinking about – Christmas! From Christmas break from school to Christmas shopping and present to Christmas Eve Mass, it is the topic on their minds. And with all of that comes fun Denver holiday and winter events. Here are some of our family’s favorites in Colorado and some other popular ones that we will be checking out this year as well. Whether you have lived in Denver for years or have just moved here, you will enjoy exploring some of these favorite holiday lights and events.

Holiday Lights in Denver

Denver’s Parade of Lights is a big favorite around here and we have been going for years. This year it will be next weekend on Friday NovParade of Lights Denver December 30  (8:00pm) & December 1 at 6:00pm.  Bundle up, arrive early to find a great place to sit and enjoy! The parade starts at Bannock & 14th and runs up to Tremont and across as it heads up 17th all the way to Arapahoe and then back down 15th.  The floats and bands are completely decked out in holiday lights, it is a one of a kind event.

Downtown Denver lights – The downtown lights are all on now, they are traditional lit the night after Thanksgiving with Grand Illumination. But even if you missed the big ceremony, head downtown and stroll around and enjoy.  You will see lights throughout downtown including the City & County building, Larimer Square, on the 16th Street Mall and at the Denver Pavilions.  Lodo is lit up too with “Lodo A Glow”.  Many of the area shopping corners will have special events as well throughout the holiday season, one of our favorites is the Denver Chriskindlmarket.

Zoo Lights – We love the get out of your car and walk around to oooh & aahh type light displays. And the overall favorite would be at the Denver Zoo with Zoo lights. Zoo Lights will kick off next weekend and run from November 30 through January 2.

hudson christmas lights littleton coloradoBlossoms of Lights  – Another great one at the downtown Botanical Gardens as the trees and gardens areas are decorated with what seems like and endless display of sparkling lights. Opening night is November 30 and runs though January 1st.

Hudson Gardens Here’s a great one out of the city and into the suburbs. A Hudson Christmas is in Littleton at Hudson Gardens and is already open and will run through January 1st.

Ice Skating

There are many outdoor ice skating areas that have already opened, despite the mild temps. Some are larger than others. but all should be a treat! Check out the Southwest Rink downtown at Skyline Park, The Cube at Streets of Southglen (Centennial) , or the rink at Belmar in Lakewood.  One of our favorites is not open yet due to the beautiful weather, and that would be Evergreen Lake up in Evergreen.  Check that out as the weather gets a bit colder.

Community Celebrations

Many of the suburbs have celebration events as well that range from tree lighting ceremonies to mini festivals. Some of the tree lighting ceremonies occurred this weekend already but here are a few not to miss.

Highlands Ranch – Hometown Holiday – December 7th at Town Center and the popular Winter Market will run on Decemeber 15 & 16th, also at Town Center.

Parker CO – Christmas Carriage Parade December 8th – Very popular parade during the day (noon)featuring horse and a small festival  & Home For the Holidays Market throughout the afternoon in O’Brien Park.

Greenwood Village – Lighting of City Hall – November 30 at 6:00 pm

Have other favorites? Leave them in the comments!

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Festival Italiano at Belmar 2012

Living in Colorado – Things to Do in Denver

Have you just moved to Denver and aren’t familiar with fun festivals in the area?  There is almost always something to do around Denver or somewhere nearby in Colorado and this weekend is no exception.  One of our favorites is Festival Italiano at Belmar.  I went last year and it is a lot of fun with activities throughout the day.

Festival Italiano logo 2012Festival Italiano at Belmar runs this weekend, September 8th and 9th and is great fun for the entire family.  There is music, chalk artists, face painters and a grape stomping area just for kids.  They love it.  What a great way to jump in and squish grapes, get messy and it’s all ok with mom and dad.  Let’s remember the food!!  Delicious.  Vendors are set up throughout the festival with some outstanding tastes of authentic Italian food, pastry, Bocce and even beer and wine.  My own kids always go to town with the cannolis!  Of course you may want to visit some of the many permanent shops and restaurants at Belmar that make it so unique year round.

The Festival Italiano has two stages for entertaining with music, drama and even authentic flag throwers from Italy.  This is an authentic Italian festival for sure.  Learn to speak a little Italian and maybe even learn to cook some tasty food with live chef demonstrations.  You can even head over to Belmar around dinner time and you won’t have to cook that night at all.

If you go to Belmar and love what you see, remember there are homes available there to live and enjoy year round.  Belmar is a wonderful living, shopping and entertainment destination known for it’s cool vibe and outdoor experience.   I’m happy to help you find the perfect home at Belmar or anywhere in the Denver area you have your sights set on.  Get in touch and let’s find out your next steps.

Fall Festivities in Highlands Ranch

Living in Highlands Ranch: Fall Fun!

Updated: The location of the shuttle for Highlands Ranch Days was incorrect originally but has since been corrected here.

Summer is almost over now!  Sadly.  However many people have their favorite season of the year to look forward to now, including me and that is FALL, especially in CO!

What a great time of the year in Colorado and with living in Highlands Ranch you have many fun outdoor options.  Clear blue skies and crisp evenings to enjoy, it is an awesome time of year. There are always so many fun activities planned through the Highlands Ranch Community Association as well as Metro Districts.  With such beautiful weather this time of year, many of these activities are outdoors and cater to so many interests.

Let’s begin with some fun sporting activities. Some of the FREE special activities include the NFL punt, pass and kick competition which is always a fun way to test a young players skills.  Football season is here so a lot of players are excited for this and it’s right here in Highlands Ranch!

Highlands Ranch MansionIf that just isn’t your thing, you may want to head on over to the Highlands Ranch Days at the Highlands Ranch Mansion. This is a wonderful activity for the whole family.  Go back in time to watch gold panners, blacksmiths and lot’s of other fun and historical reenactments of a time back when Highlands Ranch was just a part of the Wild West. There will be carriage rides and entertainment for everyone.  This is a great event to attend and a way to visit the newly renovated Highlands Ranch mansion. Note: the grounds are busy during the festivities, so no parking at the mansion on Saturday. There is a shuttle from nearby St Andrew’s Methodist Church.

With so many parks, trails and open space in Highlands Ranch I would encourage you to get out and have some fun this fall and enjoy the gorgeous weather we are lucky enough to have here in Colorado.  Living in Highlands Ranch offers you great outdoor opportunities all year round.  If you are new to Highlands Ranch or maybe considering a move here, please get in touch.  I live here, work here and know the community very well.  I would be happy to help you find your home here too.

High School Football Schedules For Highlands Ranch

shea stadium highlands ranch co

Highlands Ranch Football Schedules 2012

It’s football time again!  This time of year lot’s of people start to get pretty excited about all the fall sports.  High school football is a big part of that excitement and I have many people searching my website this week looking for Highlands Ranch football schedules, as I have posted them in past years.

If you live in Highlands Ranch and you’re a football fan, then you are in luck.  There are 5 different high schools in Highlands Ranch to cheer for.  Of course, if you attend one of them or have a student there, I think we know who you may be cheering for 🙂

Just to make it convenient, here are the Highlands Ranch football schedules for all the varsity teams at all the area high schools.  Even if you don’t know anybody playing try to make it to a game or two.  They are a lot of fun and it supports the school at the same time!

If you are looking to move to Highlands Ranch and join the fun, or maybe within Highlands Ranch, let me help you out.  I live here and work here as well.  I know the area very well and may be a great fit for you.  Here is a search of homes currently available in Highlands Ranch to give you an idea.  Please get in touch if you want to see any of these homes.

Current Highlands Ranch Homes For Sale

Mountain Vista HS

Date                Time                        Opponent                          Location

Aug 31             4:00pm                    Grand Junction                 Stocker Stad

Sept 7              7:00pm                    Westminster                       Shea Stadium

Sept 14            7:00pm                     Bear Creek (HC)               Shea Stadium 

Sept 21            7:00pm                    Arapahoe                            LPS Stadium

Sept 28            7:00pm                    Douglas County                DC Stadium

Oct 6                 6:00pm                    Chaparral                            Shea Stadium

Oct 12              7:00pm                    Highlands Ranch              Shea Stadium

Oct 19              7:00pm                    Regis Jesuit                         Regis Jesuit

Oct 25              7:00pm                    ThunderRidge                   Shea Stadium

Thunderidge HS

Date                Time                        Opponent                          Location

Sept 8               7:00pm                     Ralston Valley                    Shea Stadium

Sept 13             7:00pm                    Grandview                            Legacy Stadium

Sept 20            7:00pm                     Bear Creek                            Shea Stadium (Homecoming)

Sept 27            7:00pm                     Regis Jesuit                          Shea Stadium

Oct 4                 7:00pm                      Highlands Ranch                Shea Stadium  (Away)

Oct 11               7:00pm                      Douglas County                  Shea Stadium

Oct 18               7:00pm                     Chaparral                               Burt.Com Stadium

Oct 25               7:00pm                      Mountain Vista                   Shea Stadium 


Highlands Ranch HS

Date                Time                        Opponent                          Location

Aug 31            7:00 PM                   Rock Canyon                       Highlands Ranch High School

Sept 8              1:00 PM                    Ponderosa                            Ponderosa High School

Sept13             6:00 PM                   Fossil Ridge                          French Field

Sept 22            1:00 PM                    Fruita Monument              Highlands Ranch High School

Sept 28            7:00 PM                    Chaparral                              Chaparral High School

Oct 04              7:00 PM                    ThunderRidge                     Highlands Ranch High School

Oct 12               7:00 PM                   Mountain Vista                   Mountain Vista High School

Oct 19               7:00 PM                    Douglas County                 Highlands Ranch High School

Oct 26               7:00 PM                   Regis Jesuit                         Regis Jesuit High School


Rock Canyon HS

Date                Time                        Opponent                          Location

Aug 31             7:00 PM                   Highlands Ranch                 Shea Stadium

Sept 07            4:00 PM                    Arvada West                         Arvada West High School

Sept 14             7:00 PM                   Fountain                                 Fort Carson

Sept 21             7:00 PM                   Castle View                            DC Stadium

Sept 28             7:00 PM                   Heritage                                  Shea Stadium

Oct 05               7:00 PM                  Doherty                                   Shea Stadium Comments: Homecoming Game

Oct 11                7:00 PM                  Palmer                                     Garry Berry Stadium

Oct 18                7:00 PM                  Legend                                     Shea Stadium

Oct 26                7:00 PM                 Valor Christian                     Shea Stadium


Valor Christian HS

Date                Time                        Opponent                          Location

Aug 24             7:00PM                   Mullen                                     Valor Christian High School

Sept 01            7:30 PM                   (Opponent TBD)

Sept 14            7:00 PM                  Heritage                                 Valor Christian High School

Sept 20           7:00 PM                  Legend                                     Legend High School Sports Authority Stadium

Sept 28           7:00 PM                  Fountain                                 Valor Christian High School

Oct 05             7:00 PM                  Castle View                            Castle View High School

Oct 12              7:00 PM                  Doherty                                   Doherty (Thomas B.) High School

Oct 19              7:00 PM                 Palmer                                      Valor Christian High School

Oct 26             7:00 PM                  Rock Canyon                          Shea Stadium

Are There Any Douglas County Schools Still On The Track System?

Douglas County CO Elementary SchoolIt’s back to school time again, already!  Can you believe how fast the summer seems to go?  Most kids are back in school and starting to learn all those new subjects for this school year. Kids in Douglas County Schools may have started early, but not as early as they used to.

Once upon a time, not that long ago, Douglas County was the fastest growing area in the country.  With that rapid growth, there was a plan and a need to accommodate the elementary schools with the expanding population.  So many new residents moving to Douglas County, and a large portion of them into Highlands Ranch, that careful planning needed to take place in order to manage the students along with the budget for new school buildings.  Thus was the start of the Douglas County School track system.

Many parts of Douglas County continue to see growth, however that huge rush of population took place some years back and now we have leveled out to a more stable cycle.  This is what the planners back then anticipated.  Smart people.  So now, the use of a track system in most of the elementary schools has given way to the more traditional school year.

There are some Douglas County schools that are on more of a modified calendar and many on a conventional calendar.  If you’re curious which, the Douglas County school district puts out a school calendar choice list so you can know what your school, or the school you will be heading to, will plan for the year.  Just click the link in the school’s choice column to see the calendar for the year. If you are planning a move within Douglas County or to Douglas County, hopefully this list can help with student planning.

If I can help guide you through this or more importantly, the real estate process please get in touch.  I would love to help and see if I could be a good fit.

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