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Kneaders Bakery Highlands Ranch

Kneaders sign getting installed for the new bakery

I love when new restaurants open in Highlands Ranch!  Especially when they sound really good.  One of the newest is Kneaders, opening in Town Center North on October 9, 2015. It’ll be in the lot across from Buffalo Wild Wings and just outside from the Vitamin Cottage.

Kneaders is a chain restaurant/bakery with other Colorado locations including Arvada, Colorado Springs and Parker.  Try one of the other locations if you can’t wait for Highlands Ranch to open. What I look forward to is the bakery.  Fresh made bread and rolls, yum! They also have a good variety of sandwiches, salads and smoothies. With all that fresh baked bread, it should be a popular place around the coming holiday season.  I can’t wait to try it out.

Highlands Ranch just continues to grow into such a wonderful community, complete with a wide variety of homes, incredible schools, acres of outdoors amenities and now more and more convenient commercial options for shopping, dining and more…

Having lived and worked in Highlands Ranch for over 20 years, I’ve watched it all come together and helped many folks make this their home as well.  If I can help you, please call, text or email and I’m happy to provide you personal service with the knowledge and experience that counts.

Trader Joe’s Announces Colorado Store Openings

Trader Joe’s announced the opening date of 3 of it’s 5 Colorado locations! Trader Joe’s is a grocery chain, but seems to be a mystical experience for some people by the way they talk about the store.   I’ve never been to a Trader Joe’s, neither has a lot of people here in Denver that I’ve talked to, but I do look forward to the store openings. The store, the specialty products, the whole Trader Joe’s vibe is something we here in Denver will soon get to be part of.

Trader Joe'sTrader Joe’s announced that Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2014 will be the day they open their first 3 stores here in Colorado.  There seems to be plenty of anticipation, and I’m sure there will be long lines and lot’s of happy shoppers once the doors open.  I may or may not be there opening day, but I’ll soon get my taste of the Trader Joe’s shopping experience.

I live in the south Denver area so I will likely visit the Greenwood Village location at the Cherry Hills Marketplace. Most of my real estate clients will find that location or the one in Denver on Colorado Blvd. the most convenient for them.  Many of my relocation clients rave about Trader Joe’s and I know today with an opening date announced it is a happy day for them.

Trader Joe’s decision to expand into Colorado with multiple stores is another testament to the strength of the local business, real estate and lifestyle climate here that is attracting so many large, national companies.  It’s exciting to be part of this dynamic culture in the Denver area.


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Fun Things To Do For St. Patrick’s Day In Denver

Holidays come often all year long.  It seems like we are always gearing up for the next one, especially in the stores!  So I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day, but now it’s time to get ready for a favorite of mine, St. Patrick’s Day! Since I’m half Irish and my awesome dog, Tully, was born on St. Patrick’s Day I guess I may be a bit partial to this holiday.  Besides, who doesn’t like green drinks, lucky things and a general sense of fun?  So with that, here are some fun things to do for St. Patrick’s Day in Denver.

  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Denver has one of the largest, if not the largest, St. Patrick’s Day parade’s west of the Mississippi. This event is fun for everyone so hurry up and make plans to have a day of fun in downtown Denver!
  • St. Patrick’s Day Run – We live in Colorado and we like to stay active and fit. There are plenty of ways to do that every day but why not use a fun holiday like this to create a challenge for our runners and walkers?  Denver’s Runnin of the Green race is actually before St. Patrick’s Day and on March 10th. This is a fun, family oriented jog billed as the world’s largest 7k!  Other area races include the St. Patrick’s Day 5k Run in Highlands Ranch as well as other local races.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Fun – I just didn’t know what else to call this.  There are a ton of different pubs and places to head out to and have loads of fun.  To begin, try to get out to The Irish Snug for the 7th annual “hooley”.  Enjoy Irish Dancers, magicians and of course, some green type beverage.  While you’re in town, you may want to head over to lodo where you can find a number of fun places to celebrate.  Most will have St. Patrick’s Day fun and events planned.  Here are some options: Fado’s, Celtic Tavern and Katie Mullens.

However you decide to spend the day, I hope you have fun and remember to wear a little green!  I hope these fun things to do for St. Patrick’s Day in Denver can inspire you to get out and make some fun for the day for yourself and the family.  I know that I will celebrate with my family and of course, with Tully.  After all, it’s his birthday!

Denver Restaurant Week 2013

Denver RestaurantDenver Restaurant Week 2013 is just about here!  Every year the number of participating restaurants grows and so do the menu offerings.  Delicious!  I look forward to the Denver Restaurant Week every year as a chance to dine at some of the finest eateries Denver has to offer.  Places that I may not typically go to eat.  Maybe some of the restaurants are places you may not typically go to or the menu choices may not usually be in the budget.  That’s why this two week event is so awesome.

During Denver Restaurant Week 2013, the cost for a pre selected meal at the participating restaurants is $52.80 for two or $26.40 for one.  An incredible deal for the menu’s offered!  Most are several course meals prepared by some of the absolute best chef’s in Denver.  Whether your taste is simple or a bit exotic, the cuisine is varied and caters to nearly every taste and style.  It has been my experience that the meals are fabulous and you definitely get your money’s worth.  This is perfect for a special date night of just to head out by yourself or with friends and enjoy the food and ambiance!

Denver Restaurant Week 2013 will run from February 23 through March 8.  The restaurants participating are all around the metro area but a word of caution, hurry and book your reservation now as many of the top name establishments fill up very fast and may already be close.  Some of my favorites are Elway’s, Tamayo, The Capital Grille and Venice Ristorante Italiano.  I have returned to some after my Denver Restaurant Week experience because I thought the food was so excellent.  Of course, it was just as good on my return visits. This year there are some new and interesting choices that I’m sure I will try.  I hope you have the chance to try out your favorite restaurant this year.  Bon apetite!

Places To Exercise in Highlands Ranch

Happy New Year!  With the new year comes the many resolutions people make.  Of course, maybe the most popular is to exercise and lose weight.  There is nothing wrong with that resolution and if you start and stick to it, then it can be a life changer for you. There are many places to exercise in Highlands Ranch, and if you live here then you may already know how easy it can be to find a place to exercise and get fit.The place almost seems to be made for it.  Highlands Ranch Community Association runs 4 different recreation centers throughout Highlands Ranch.  There are the Westridge Rec Center, Northridge, Eastridge and Southridge.  There is one nearby no matter where you live.

Highlands Ranch Rec Center WestridgeFor many folks, even the thought of exercising can get exhausting!  I’m not kidding.  I think the key is just to start.  Make the decision and go do it.  There are plenty of different exercise options and it may be good to start with something you like to do.  Make this fun.  Do you like weight lifting? Swimming? Jogging? Maybe cycling like I do, whatever it is start there.  In Highlands Ranch, exercise doesn’t need to be at the rec centers.  There are miles of outdoor trails and parks to walk, bike or just play.  Spring and summer are usually better suited for outdoor exercise, right now it is cold out there!

You may like to exercise in a class or group.  Highlands Ranch makes this easy enough.  There are so many different classes for all kinds of fitness and sports of all ages and abilities.  If you want the motivation and guidance of a personal trainer, they are available and helpful as well.

In Highlands Ranch, there are several options other than just the HRCA rec centers.  One of the most popular is the 24 Hour Fitness facility at C470/Broadway.  Everything you want in a fitness center along with all the help you need from trainers and classes is here for you.  Another option that seems to be gaining popularity is OrangeTheory Fitness in Highlands Ranch.  This is a smaller, specialized place that seems to be working for a lot of people.

I began a regular exercise program for myself last June.  I decided that I needed to lose weight and get fit.  I began to ride my mountain bike along the Highline Canal trail every morning. Gradually I increased my distance and soon it became a regular part of my day and I looked forward to the joy of being out on the trail and listening to my music on the headphones.  As it became colder out, I’ve moved that in to the Westridge Rec center on the stationary bikes.  Still get in the great workout and the bonus is now I dip in the hot tub a couple times a week afterward and that itself is rewarding.

I have found that setting goals, monitoring activity and if you are looking to actually lose weight, then writing down your calories every time you eat something is very helpful and tells you right where you are.  You need tools for this.  With the calorie counting, mine is VERY technical.  I get a scratch pad and write down the calories for each day.  🙂  This actually may be the best of all for weight loss.  If you’re honest, it keeps you in line. It’s not out of site on a computer or spreadsheet, it is right there in your face and you are hand writing it every time you eat something.  For other goals, I use some free online and app based tools.  I track my goals using a cool tool at IrunUrun and my biking at Map My Fitness.  They have app’s for tracking running, walking, biking, hiking, etc..very useful and fun to use.  Whatever you use, just do it, track it and then enjoy the results!!  Have fun.


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The C470 Coalition | Planning For The Future

C470C470 is such a convenient loop or beltway for commuters getting around the south metro Denver area.  It helps you get many places directly and quick.  Well, maybe not so quick during peak traffic times.  Congestion can get pretty bad along the stretch of highway between I-25 and Kipling.  If you drive this frequently, you know what I’m talking about.

Growth in the Denver metro area and especially growth in the south metro area is expected to continue and is projected to increase along the C470 corridor by around 30% in the next 20 years.  That can mean those slow downs we encounter now would increase ever so much! Not fun.

This brings forth the question of what to do about it? How can C470 be improved to handle the growth as well as the current flow?  How will improvements be made and paid for? Who will be in charge of it all?  Lot’s to consider and well worth the consideration since this highway isn’t going anywhere and will continue to provide ease of access for so many of us.

This is where the C470 Coalition comes in. This is a forum that developed in February 2011 to begin to look at options for C470.  The C470 Coalition is made up of many of the local governments, businesses and private citizens in the area that seek to find solutions for the growth and use of the highway.  If you are interested, you can learn more about the C470 Coalition and the  the discussion and planning taking place.

If you would like to get involved in the discussion with the C470 Coalition, there are public town hall meetings scheduled so you can get involved if you would like.  If this may be all new to you and you want to catch up on some of the previous meetings that you may have missed, recordings of those meetings are available as well.

South metro Denver is a great place to live with so many wonderful options.  Maybe that’s why the highway gets so much use!  If you may be considering a move here, please get in touch.  I live here, work here and definitely keep on top of events and activity in the real estate market.  I may be a great fit for you.

Steve Scheer

New Children’s Hospital in Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch is sure getting a lot of new development lately and really coming into it’s own. There are so many new shops and restaurants, Highlands Ranch is no longer a bedroom community on the south side of Denver.
Children’s Hospital will now begin construction this June, 2012 on a new hospital facility in Highlands Ranch at the southwest section of C470 and Lucent Boulevard. This is incredible news for the community since 30 percent of the population is under 19. Additionally, this new hospital will bring in around 300 new jobs to the area.

Children's Hospital Highlands Ranch site

Site for new Children’s Hospital Highlands Ranch


According to the article in the Denver Post , Children’s Hospital will be consolidating services already in the area through the local clinics. However, with the hospital there will be expansion of inpatient, diagnostic and infusion services as well as urgent care and operating room facilities. They expect to serve around 80,000 patients in the first year of operation alone, 2014. Clinics in Littleton and Centennial will now be housed in the new Children’s Hospital while the facility in Parker will remain.

The building itself will be a four story, 175,000 square foot hospital expected to be completed by end of 2013. The land will have room for future expansion.

If you are interested in Highlands Ranch and living in this great community, please contact me. I have lived and work here for over 17 years, I can help.

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