Time Lapse Video of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs

Here is an amazing time lapse video that was released by photographer and student Steve Moraco just yesterday I believe of the Waldo Canyon Fire.  It is 15 minutes long but worth watching.  It is highly emotional, that is for sure.

Turn your speakers on and watch it full screen.

The fire is further contained right now as I type this than his last report at the end of the video, but not out yet.  As Steve writes at the end of the video, “Let us not loose hope!”

Labor Day Weekend Bike Ride Through Littleton CO

This labor day weekend in Denver is just about perfect!  The sun is shining, no clouds, and finally we are in the 70’s and not the upper 90’s.  What a great time to get outside and take a bike ride.  This morning I went with both of my kids on a ride along the South Platte River and into Old Town Littleton.  It was great!

Old Mill Brewery in Old Town Littleton

The Old Mill Brewery seen coming up the trail into Old Town Littleton.

Old Town Littleton bike trail

Lilly Ponds with lots of frogs along the Old Town trail.

Hudson Garden's pumpkin patch

Hard to tell from this picture, but these are giant pumpkins in a huge pumpkin patch along the South Platte Trail in the Hudson Garden’s Pumpkin Patch!

Coffee Shop South Platte Bike Trail

Of course, you can always stop for a refreshing coffee or cold drink at the coffee shop along the South Platte Trail just on the back side of Hudson Gardens.

So whatever you decided to do this Labor Day weekend, I really hope it was fun and relaxing.  Now it’s time to enjoy the fall here in Colorado.  I can’t wait to start to see all the fall colors, but I will miss the summer, that’s for sure.


Winter Week In Highlands Ranch

What a week.  First we had our Below Zero spell.

Yesterday I heard pretty last minute there was a chance of an inch or so of snow, yet it seemed to start snowing very quickly after lunch and didn’t ever really stop.   I had to travel north into Englewood and Denver last night, roads north of County Line Rd didn’t seem too bad, but Douglas County was far icier it seemed.  When I returned home a bit after 9 it seemed, there weren’t many cars on the road but the snow seemed to be tapering off.  I though I had maybe 4 inches on my deck.  Weather report said snow moving out, some more tomorrow.

Did that snow tomorrow, now today, arrive early or did it just never stop?

Highlands Ranch CO snow

Flash forward to this morning, about 8 inches on the deck and it is snowing, although the sky does seem to be lightening up right now a bit.

It sounds like the south metro suburbs did get more snow than downtown, one news website say 1.2 inches of accumulation in Denver from Saturday.  Not over here.  And if you are not familiar with the Denver area, Highlands Ranch is about 12 miles from downtown.  Weather can vary differently in Denver depending on where you are.

My dog loves the snow.  I braved the elements this morning and took him on his daily loop around Redstone Park.  It is so much a routine for him that he is heading out after his breakfast and he is even more excited when he sees the snow.  There is really now saying no.  Just wants to roll in it for hours it seems.

Highlands Ranch snow dog

I do not share his enthusiasm, while I do enjoy watching him enjoy it.  I am feeling done with the snow.  I know, its been very easy here until this week.  But I have been stuck in a frozen elevator in a parking garage, have had issues with the cold at the house and a few other minor details.  Ready for spring here.

Highlands Ranch Redstone Park

The weather forecast says more Monday and Tuesday.  Sounds like we are playing catch up with the rest of the country this week.

I’m bringing my slippers to our Superbowl Party.

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Happy New Year!

2011 is here! Happy New Year Colorado!

I started my New Year yesterday morning with a frigid walk in Highlands Ranch with my dog Tully.

Took this photo in Redstone Park with my Evo phone. I think it looks cold, clean and crisp – like a fresh start.

Not the best picture with the phone, but I still like it.

Redstone Park Highlands Ranch 1/1/11

What do you think?

I wish all my clients, my past clients, my family, my friends and of course my Denver real estate blog readers a very Happy New Year!


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Highlands Ranch Christmas Lights in Weatherstone

Christmas Lights in Highlands Ranch

Update: Looking for 2011 info? Click here: Weatherstone Holiday Lights 2011

If you already live in Highlands Ranch, chances are good that you have already heard of or seen the beautifully decorated home in the Weatherstone neighborhood on Meyerwood.  If you haven’t you need to check it out.  Pull on up & turn our lights off & sit and enjoy for a few minutes – you won’t regret it.  There is a speaker outside with the music that the lights dance to, and you can tune in on your car radio as well.

I filmed this last night on my phone when I drove over with the kids and some friends.

There are other fabulous homes in Highlands Ranch that have amazing Christmas light displays – I will post more on that shortly!  Do you have favorites of your own in Highlands Ranch or nearby?  Post them here for all to enjoy!


Highlands Ranch CO Sunrise in November

Thinking of relocating to the Denver area?  Here is a sunrise you can look forward to.

Highlands Ranch CO sunrise

I took this one from my Highlands Ranch neighborhood just yesterday.

Not every day is like this, in fact this morning is a bit gloomy.

But one thing for sure is there is variety and from time to time you will enjoy a day’s  beginning like this when you live in Colorado.

sunrise in Highlands Ranch neighborhood

While the actual sunrise is fantastic, something I didn’t snap is the way it makes the mountains appears.  Purple, gorgeous, spectacular.  Whatever your wow word of choice is.  It’s wow.


Highlands Ranch Full Moon

One of the reasons that I have taken a liking to my blog is the ability that I have to show potential Highlands Ranch home owners a variety of photos of the area.  You see – I live here in Highlands Ranch, work here (a lot) and hang out here, play with my kids here – and therefore have ample opportunity to take a variety of photos of life in Highlands Ranch.

Highlands Ranch full moonHere is what I think of as a great photo of a recent full moon in Highlands Ranch.  This is not the one we had just this week, but rather last month, in September.

So many photos of the Denver area focus on the beauty of the mountains.  But there is beauty in many things in the area, this is just one.

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