Places To Exercise in Highlands Ranch

Happy New Year!  With the new year comes the many resolutions people make.  Of course, maybe the most popular is to exercise and lose weight.  There is nothing wrong with that resolution and if you start and stick to it, then it can be a life changer for you. There are many places to exercise in Highlands Ranch, and if you live here then you may already know how easy it can be to find a place to exercise and get fit.The place almost seems to be made for it.  Highlands Ranch Community Association runs 4 different recreation centers throughout Highlands Ranch.  There are the Westridge Rec Center, Northridge, Eastridge and Southridge.  There is one nearby no matter where you live.

Highlands Ranch Rec Center WestridgeFor many folks, even the thought of exercising can get exhausting!  I’m not kidding.  I think the key is just to start.  Make the decision and go do it.  There are plenty of different exercise options and it may be good to start with something you like to do.  Make this fun.  Do you like weight lifting? Swimming? Jogging? Maybe cycling like I do, whatever it is start there.  In Highlands Ranch, exercise doesn’t need to be at the rec centers.  There are miles of outdoor trails and parks to walk, bike or just play.  Spring and summer are usually better suited for outdoor exercise, right now it is cold out there!

You may like to exercise in a class or group.  Highlands Ranch makes this easy enough.  There are so many different classes for all kinds of fitness and sports of all ages and abilities.  If you want the motivation and guidance of a personal trainer, they are available and helpful as well.

In Highlands Ranch, there are several options other than just the HRCA rec centers.  One of the most popular is the 24 Hour Fitness facility at C470/Broadway.  Everything you want in a fitness center along with all the help you need from trainers and classes is here for you.  Another option that seems to be gaining popularity is OrangeTheory Fitness in Highlands Ranch.  This is a smaller, specialized place that seems to be working for a lot of people.

I began a regular exercise program for myself last June.  I decided that I needed to lose weight and get fit.  I began to ride my mountain bike along the Highline Canal trail every morning. Gradually I increased my distance and soon it became a regular part of my day and I looked forward to the joy of being out on the trail and listening to my music on the headphones.  As it became colder out, I’ve moved that in to the Westridge Rec center on the stationary bikes.  Still get in the great workout and the bonus is now I dip in the hot tub a couple times a week afterward and that itself is rewarding.

I have found that setting goals, monitoring activity and if you are looking to actually lose weight, then writing down your calories every time you eat something is very helpful and tells you right where you are.  You need tools for this.  With the calorie counting, mine is VERY technical.  I get a scratch pad and write down the calories for each day.  🙂  This actually may be the best of all for weight loss.  If you’re honest, it keeps you in line. It’s not out of site on a computer or spreadsheet, it is right there in your face and you are hand writing it every time you eat something.  For other goals, I use some free online and app based tools.  I track my goals using a cool tool at IrunUrun and my biking at Map My Fitness.  They have app’s for tracking running, walking, biking, hiking, etc..very useful and fun to use.  Whatever you use, just do it, track it and then enjoy the results!!  Have fun.


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High School Football Schedules For Highlands Ranch

shea stadium highlands ranch co

Highlands Ranch Football Schedules 2012

It’s football time again!  This time of year lot’s of people start to get pretty excited about all the fall sports.  High school football is a big part of that excitement and I have many people searching my website this week looking for Highlands Ranch football schedules, as I have posted them in past years.

If you live in Highlands Ranch and you’re a football fan, then you are in luck.  There are 5 different high schools in Highlands Ranch to cheer for.  Of course, if you attend one of them or have a student there, I think we know who you may be cheering for 🙂

Just to make it convenient, here are the Highlands Ranch football schedules for all the varsity teams at all the area high schools.  Even if you don’t know anybody playing try to make it to a game or two.  They are a lot of fun and it supports the school at the same time!

If you are looking to move to Highlands Ranch and join the fun, or maybe within Highlands Ranch, let me help you out.  I live here and work here as well.  I know the area very well and may be a great fit for you.  Here is a search of homes currently available in Highlands Ranch to give you an idea.  Please get in touch if you want to see any of these homes.

Current Highlands Ranch Homes For Sale

Mountain Vista HS

Date                Time                        Opponent                          Location

Aug 31             4:00pm                    Grand Junction                 Stocker Stad

Sept 7              7:00pm                    Westminster                       Shea Stadium

Sept 14            7:00pm                     Bear Creek (HC)               Shea Stadium 

Sept 21            7:00pm                    Arapahoe                            LPS Stadium

Sept 28            7:00pm                    Douglas County                DC Stadium

Oct 6                 6:00pm                    Chaparral                            Shea Stadium

Oct 12              7:00pm                    Highlands Ranch              Shea Stadium

Oct 19              7:00pm                    Regis Jesuit                         Regis Jesuit

Oct 25              7:00pm                    ThunderRidge                   Shea Stadium

Thunderidge HS

Date                Time                        Opponent                          Location

Sept 8               7:00pm                     Ralston Valley                    Shea Stadium

Sept 13             7:00pm                    Grandview                            Legacy Stadium

Sept 20            7:00pm                     Bear Creek                            Shea Stadium (Homecoming)

Sept 27            7:00pm                     Regis Jesuit                          Shea Stadium

Oct 4                 7:00pm                      Highlands Ranch                Shea Stadium  (Away)

Oct 11               7:00pm                      Douglas County                  Shea Stadium

Oct 18               7:00pm                     Chaparral                               Burt.Com Stadium

Oct 25               7:00pm                      Mountain Vista                   Shea Stadium 


Highlands Ranch HS

Date                Time                        Opponent                          Location

Aug 31            7:00 PM                   Rock Canyon                       Highlands Ranch High School

Sept 8              1:00 PM                    Ponderosa                            Ponderosa High School

Sept13             6:00 PM                   Fossil Ridge                          French Field

Sept 22            1:00 PM                    Fruita Monument              Highlands Ranch High School

Sept 28            7:00 PM                    Chaparral                              Chaparral High School

Oct 04              7:00 PM                    ThunderRidge                     Highlands Ranch High School

Oct 12               7:00 PM                   Mountain Vista                   Mountain Vista High School

Oct 19               7:00 PM                    Douglas County                 Highlands Ranch High School

Oct 26               7:00 PM                   Regis Jesuit                         Regis Jesuit High School


Rock Canyon HS

Date                Time                        Opponent                          Location

Aug 31             7:00 PM                   Highlands Ranch                 Shea Stadium

Sept 07            4:00 PM                    Arvada West                         Arvada West High School

Sept 14             7:00 PM                   Fountain                                 Fort Carson

Sept 21             7:00 PM                   Castle View                            DC Stadium

Sept 28             7:00 PM                   Heritage                                  Shea Stadium

Oct 05               7:00 PM                  Doherty                                   Shea Stadium Comments: Homecoming Game

Oct 11                7:00 PM                  Palmer                                     Garry Berry Stadium

Oct 18                7:00 PM                  Legend                                     Shea Stadium

Oct 26                7:00 PM                 Valor Christian                     Shea Stadium


Valor Christian HS

Date                Time                        Opponent                          Location

Aug 24             7:00PM                   Mullen                                     Valor Christian High School

Sept 01            7:30 PM                   (Opponent TBD)

Sept 14            7:00 PM                  Heritage                                 Valor Christian High School

Sept 20           7:00 PM                  Legend                                     Legend High School Sports Authority Stadium

Sept 28           7:00 PM                  Fountain                                 Valor Christian High School

Oct 05             7:00 PM                  Castle View                            Castle View High School

Oct 12              7:00 PM                  Doherty                                   Doherty (Thomas B.) High School

Oct 19              7:00 PM                 Palmer                                      Valor Christian High School

Oct 26             7:00 PM                  Rock Canyon                          Shea Stadium

Labor Day Weekend Bike Ride Through Littleton CO

This labor day weekend in Denver is just about perfect!  The sun is shining, no clouds, and finally we are in the 70’s and not the upper 90’s.  What a great time to get outside and take a bike ride.  This morning I went with both of my kids on a ride along the South Platte River and into Old Town Littleton.  It was great!

Old Mill Brewery in Old Town Littleton

The Old Mill Brewery seen coming up the trail into Old Town Littleton.

Old Town Littleton bike trail

Lilly Ponds with lots of frogs along the Old Town trail.

Hudson Garden's pumpkin patch

Hard to tell from this picture, but these are giant pumpkins in a huge pumpkin patch along the South Platte Trail in the Hudson Garden’s Pumpkin Patch!

Coffee Shop South Platte Bike Trail

Of course, you can always stop for a refreshing coffee or cold drink at the coffee shop along the South Platte Trail just on the back side of Hudson Gardens.

So whatever you decided to do this Labor Day weekend, I really hope it was fun and relaxing.  Now it’s time to enjoy the fall here in Colorado.  I can’t wait to start to see all the fall colors, but I will miss the summer, that’s for sure.


Redstone Tennis Courts Lebsack Center Opens For the Season

Redstone Park tennis opening flyer

Today is the day, Saturday March 12th the Lebsack Tennis Center in Redstone Park officially opens for the season.

Lebsack Tennis Center Highalnds Ranch

The opening is officially at 9:30 until noon and there will be free adult drills, racket demos, entertainment with music and a clown and even some discounted class registrations, according to the flyer.

The courts were a flurry of activity all week getting washed and cleaned up and ready for the season grand opening.

tennis at Redstone Park Highlands Ranch

Living in Highlands Ranch, I am lucky to have Redstone Park and the Lebsack Tennis Center courts so close by, we can just walk there when there is an open court and play for a bit.

Here’s a quick video I shot earlier this week, before all the activity but they still look pretty nice.

The Lesback Tennis Center is located at Town Center Drive and Foothills Canyon Blvd in Highlands Ranch, CO.  Maybe I will see you over there later today!

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Peter Forsberg Signs with Colorado Avalanche This Morning

Word is spreading like wildfire, Peter Forsberg has signed the contract and is returning to play with the Avs again.

He’s been plagued with injuries and I really didn’t think this would be a go, but it is.

Here’s a collection from YouTube – he is just amazing.  It is a bit long, but awesome.

Welcome back Forsberg – can’t wait to see you back on the ice!!

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Checking Out Denver Big Air At Civic Center Park

Checking Out Denver Big Air At Civic Center Park

Today we had some free time during the day so we took a quick drive from Highlands Ranch towards downtown and checked out the final preparations for Denver Big Air in Civic Center Park.

big air denver

One word.

civic center park


denver big air

A giant 102 foot ski jump in the middle of downtown Denver nestled between the Denver City and County building and the Colorado State Capital.  Of course normally you would be driving up to the mountains for this type of event.

denver big air bottom

The one downer was that there are gates everywhere and We really could not get as close as I would have liked.  I REALLY wanted to stand on the City and County building steps and take a photo form the bottom.  But no can do.  My wife and I even begged some security guards in the City and County building if we could get in and take photos from in there, no can do, again.  C’est la vie.  So for the time being these pic will have to do.

denver big air ramp

Here is some video that I took of a big crate of snow being lifted up to the ski ramp and jump. Definitely not something you see every day.

Personally we are not going to attend the actual events this week, my son is still in a cast and his foot would freeze outside at night.  But I was glad to have the chance to see this amazing structure come to life.

top ski jump ramp

People sometimes ask me when they are deciding between 2 cities – why move to Denver.  I often tell them, we do get attractions and events that other places do not.  Denver Big Air is one of those events – this is the first time the annual Big Air competition has been in the U.S.  Gotta love Denver!

denver ramp

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Day 95 Cheer on the Colorado Rapids in MLS Cup

Day 95 Cheer on the Colorado Rapids As They Play for the MLS CUP


Later today the Colorado Rapids will take on FC Dallas in the fight for the coveted MLS Cup in Toronto, so today, on Day 95 of 365 Things to Do in the South Denver Suburbs we are going to cheer on those Colorado Rapids!!

A few years ago if you told me I would be an MLS Soccer fan, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.  But in the past few years my interest in soccer has gColorado Rapids MLS Cuprown as my daughter’s participation in competitive soccer has brought me to many soccer games for both her, older teams and yes, the Rapids at Dick’s Stadium.  And then of course there was the World Cup this past summer, which I watched many games with her as well and cheered for Team USA until they were out, and then for Spain.

The first Colorado Rapids at Dick’s Stadium game that I attended was so fun!  It was much faster and physical than I would have imagined and I really enjoyed it.  We have been to several Rapids games now in the past few years and I am thrilled for the team and all the die-hard fans that the Rapids have a chance to bring home the MLS Cup tonight.

Where are you going to be cheering for the Colorado Rapids tonight? Some sports bars and restaurants are going to be tricky, as there is football tonight too (6:30 MT) but I’m sorry – tonight it will be the Rapids here for us.  They’ve earned it.

If you want to head into Denver – there are official MLS Cup watch parties at the British Bulldog, The Celtic Tavern, The Highlands Tavern and Oak Tavern  You can also check here at the Colorado Rapids site if others get added today.

I’ve tried to call several locations in the south ‘burbs and so far I have either received no answer  or a vague “it depends on football fans, probably both”.

If going out tonight isn’t for you or you don’t want to head into Denver, throw together a quick potluck of your own.  Is is the week of Thanksgiving after all and my daughter is so thankful that the Rapids are playing tonight.

If you know of a location that is for sure airing the Rapids game tonight, please post it here and let us know.


About 365 Things in South Denver Suburbs: Whether you have lived in the south Denver suburbs for a long time or are considering Denver relocation, this series will help you discover new events and new places to visit every day!

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