Leave The Wildlife Alone In Highlands Ranch

Open space trail Highlands Ranch, COI live in Highlands Ranch and really think it is a great place to be.  There are all kinds of activities and outdoor fun.  Highlands Ranch has done a great job along with the Metro District to develop significant acres of parks, trails and open space.   No doubt if you’re an outdoor person in Highlands Ranch you have probably been on many of the trails and in the parks.  They are awesome!

I ride my mountain bike a lot.  Nearly every morning and during the warm months I ride the many trails throughout Highlands Ranch and even along the Highline Canal trail through Littleton and Englewood.  You may be surprised at the amount of wildlife I see and come across close up.  They are beautiful.  Remember, although this is a very developed community it is also home to these animals.  I see a lot of rabbits, ducks, geese, some deer, coyotes and a fox here and there.  But the one that always creeps me out is coming up on a snake!  I’m just not a snake guy. However they are out there and serve a good purpose towards controlling rodent population and such.  And by the way, its their home too.

This leads me to my point of this article.  Please leave the wildlife alone.  I know it may not be hard to leave the rattlesnakes alone, but often people want to pet or feed some of the others.  They can be cute, especially when they are young.  It doesn’t help them to feed them and it can be dangerous if they appear hurt and you try to help.  The best thing to do is admire their beauty and let them remain wild.  If you do spot an animal that seems hurt, you can always page a park ranger at 303-540-2311 and they will provide the help needed.   If you happen to get too close to a snake, step away and give it room.  Don’t try to touch it or catch it.  It may bite.  There are venemous rattlesnakes in Highlands Ranch so be aware.  If your not sure the type of snake, Metro District has put together a fact sheet to help you familiarize yourself with the rattlesnake.  If you get bit, get medical attention right away.

Pond at Redstone Park in Highlands Ranch

So get out there, enjoy all the trails, parks and open space we have here in Highlands Ranch.  It’s a great way to explore the community, get some exercise and meet wonderful people along the way. Who knows, maybe we’ll see eachother on the trail.  I’ll make sure to say hi.

Time Lapse Video of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs

Here is an amazing time lapse video that was released by photographer and student Steve Moraco just yesterday I believe of the Waldo Canyon Fire.  It is 15 minutes long but worth watching.  It is highly emotional, that is for sure.

Turn your speakers on and watch it full screen.

The fire is further contained right now as I type this than his last report at the end of the video, but not out yet.  As Steve writes at the end of the video, “Let us not loose hope!”

Labor Day Weekend Bike Ride Through Littleton CO

This labor day weekend in Denver is just about perfect!  The sun is shining, no clouds, and finally we are in the 70’s and not the upper 90’s.  What a great time to get outside and take a bike ride.  This morning I went with both of my kids on a ride along the South Platte River and into Old Town Littleton.  It was great!

Old Mill Brewery in Old Town Littleton

The Old Mill Brewery seen coming up the trail into Old Town Littleton.

Old Town Littleton bike trail

Lilly Ponds with lots of frogs along the Old Town trail.

Hudson Garden's pumpkin patch

Hard to tell from this picture, but these are giant pumpkins in a huge pumpkin patch along the South Platte Trail in the Hudson Garden’s Pumpkin Patch!

Coffee Shop South Platte Bike Trail

Of course, you can always stop for a refreshing coffee or cold drink at the coffee shop along the South Platte Trail just on the back side of Hudson Gardens.

So whatever you decided to do this Labor Day weekend, I really hope it was fun and relaxing.  Now it’s time to enjoy the fall here in Colorado.  I can’t wait to start to see all the fall colors, but I will miss the summer, that’s for sure.


Fly’N B Park | Highlands Ranch Hidden Gem

New Park is Ready for you in Highlands Ranch

I love all the parks, trails and wonderful outdoor amenities provided in Highlands Ranch. It is one of the reasons I really enjoy living here and so do thousands of others.  The Highlands Ranch Metro District takes such care and pride in providing outstanding amenities, and the newest addition is well underway and should be a true gem!

Fishing Pond at Fly 'N B Park Highlands Ranch, CO

The Fly’N B Park in the very west side of the ranch is almost ready. The plans for development of the area have been underway for quite some time, and the physical development is close to complete, for the most part. IN fact, when I first heard about the development at Fly ‘N Bee Ranch, I wrote about it.  The Fly’N B Park is a
|hidden getaway tucked in along the Highline Canal Trail and just adjacent to the Windcrest Development along C470 and Santa Fe.

Shelter and fishing dock at Fly 'N B Park, Highlands Ranch, CO

There are crushed gravel trails that loop around the park which are easy to walk along and plenty of trees and shade for the hot summer days.  Bring a picnic lunch and your fishing poles!  The park has many tables to sit and relax as well as a covered picnic shelter and fishing dock, complete with outdoor grills.  Never fear, there is a permanent port a potty as well!

Highlands Ranch has done another awesome job of developing a hidden treasure for folks to get out and enjoy. At this time, there is still part of the park to complete and I don’t know if the pond is stocked, but once it is all finished it will be great.  You can still visit and enjoy the park at this time as well as the incredible views from the trails on the west side of the park.

Views from Fly 'N B Park, Highlands Ranch, CO

If you live in Highlands Ranch or you may be considering living here, this community has a lot to offer and I would love to help you discover it.  Give me a call or email and let me know how I can help.

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5 Reasons To Buy A Home In Westridge Pointe | Highlands Ranch

There are so many great subdivisions throughout Highlands Ranch. Each neighborhood has it’s own unique qualities.  Highlands Ranch as a community is an awesome place to live and play.  Westridge Pointe is a subdivision of homes roughly between Town Center Drive and Highlands Ranch Parkway and Redstone Park to Marcy Park, on the west side of the ranch.  Home styles, sizes and pricing vary with something for nearly everyone. Here are 5 reasons to live in Westridge Pointe.

1. Access to shopping and freeways. Westridge Pointe lies very close by to shopping at Town Center and Town Center North in Highlands Ranch.  Also nearby is the King Soopers center at Wildcat with the shopping and dining available there.  Easy access to C-470 via Santa Fe can get you all around town. Those that choose to ride RTD Lite Rail have easy access to the Mineral Station, just up Santa Fe.

2. Trailblazer Elementary. Westridge Pointe is home to Trailblazer Elementary school, part of the Douglas County School District.  Trailblazer is an excellent school providing education and guidance for children grades K-6.

3. Westridge Rec Center. Westridge Pointe is fortunate enough to be home of the Westridge Rec Center.  This facility is available for all Highlands Ranch residents and is one of four separate facilities throughout Highlands Ranch.  The Westridge facility boasts both an indoor and outdoor pool, water slide, indoor running track, full cardio and weight areas and much more.

4. Redstone and Marcy Parks. Westridge Pointe is also home to both Redstone and Marcy Parks.  Marcy Park is a much smaller neighborhood park with a playground, shelter and basketball court.  Part of the Highlands Ranch trail system connects Marcy Park with Redstone Park. Redstone Park is a large, premier park featuring soccer fields, softball fields, tennis center, playground, stocked fishing pond and of course, shelters for picnics.

5. Rover’s Run Dogpark. Westridge Pointe is home to one of four off leash dog parks in Highlands Ranch.  Rover’s Run dog park is located adjacent to Redstone Park and along the trail connecting to Marcy Park.  Rover’s Run is the original off leash dog park and has recently been expanded and will soon be upgraded, adding more shade structures and amenities.  For dog lovers, having access to such a nice off leash park is a wonderful bonus.


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Highlands Ranch Easter Egg Hunt 2011

The annual Easter Egg Hunt in Highlands Ranch is coming up on Saturday April 23rd at 10am in Northridge Park.

easter eggsThis annual event has been going on for as long as I have had kid’s of my own – I have many memories of both my son and my daughter toddling around at 3 or so and then starting to get more adventurous at 4 and 5 as the hunt was on.  My daughter still has a plastic bunny ring that she says came from one for those prized eggs long ago.

It is a fun filled family event that is free to HRCA residents.  Make sure you get there early for parking, that is generally crowded.

The Easter Egg Hunt in Northridge Park will occur regardless of the weather, so dress for it and don’t forget your camera!

4/23 10 am – Northridge Park – Highlands Ranch CO

You can find more info on the HRCA site here: Highlands Ranch Easter Egg Hunt

Highlands Ranch has many community events like this one for Highlands Ranch residents and is just one reason why I love living in Highlands Ranch CO.  If you or someone you know is looking for Highlands Ranch real estate, let me know if I can help!


photo courtesy of original owner D Sharon Pruitt on Flickr Creative Commons license


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Golden Indian Gulch Fire Has Spread: Evacuations Underway in Golden Gate Canyon

Last night from my home in Highlands Ranch I could see a red glow as I looked upon the foothills, it was the Indian Gulch Fire near Golden.  I wasn’t able to get a picture, my camera with the zoom lens had a dead battery.

Today the winds have been brutal most of the day and the fire has now grown, causing evacuations in Golden Gate Canyon to about 100 homes from what I am hearing on the news and twitter streams.

Indian Gulch Fire Golden CO

I just shot this photo from my back deck around 4pm, now that the battery is charged, I am not super close, about 20 or 25 miles –  but close enough to see this with a decent zoom.  The smoke can be seen from all over the Denver metro area.  I suspect unless the winds die down pronto that tonight I will see the red glow once again.  It sounds like there are 2 additional fired this afternoon as well, one near Evergreen and the other near Conifer.

I wish safety for all and that the winds die down so all of these fires can be contained.

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