High School Football Schedules For Highlands Ranch

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Highlands Ranch Football Schedules 2012

It’s football time again!  This time of year lot’s of people start to get pretty excited about all the fall sports.  High school football is a big part of that excitement and I have many people searching my website this week looking for Highlands Ranch football schedules, as I have posted them in past years.

If you live in Highlands Ranch and you’re a football fan, then you are in luck.  There are 5 different high schools in Highlands Ranch to cheer for.  Of course, if you attend one of them or have a student there, I think we know who you may be cheering for 🙂

Just to make it convenient, here are the Highlands Ranch football schedules for all the varsity teams at all the area high schools.  Even if you don’t know anybody playing try to make it to a game or two.  They are a lot of fun and it supports the school at the same time!

If you are looking to move to Highlands Ranch and join the fun, or maybe within Highlands Ranch, let me help you out.  I live here and work here as well.  I know the area very well and may be a great fit for you.  Here is a search of homes currently available in Highlands Ranch to give you an idea.  Please get in touch if you want to see any of these homes.

Current Highlands Ranch Homes For Sale

Mountain Vista HS

Date                Time                        Opponent                          Location

Aug 31             4:00pm                    Grand Junction                 Stocker Stad

Sept 7              7:00pm                    Westminster                       Shea Stadium

Sept 14            7:00pm                     Bear Creek (HC)               Shea Stadium 

Sept 21            7:00pm                    Arapahoe                            LPS Stadium

Sept 28            7:00pm                    Douglas County                DC Stadium

Oct 6                 6:00pm                    Chaparral                            Shea Stadium

Oct 12              7:00pm                    Highlands Ranch              Shea Stadium

Oct 19              7:00pm                    Regis Jesuit                         Regis Jesuit

Oct 25              7:00pm                    ThunderRidge                   Shea Stadium

Thunderidge HS

Date                Time                        Opponent                          Location

Sept 8               7:00pm                     Ralston Valley                    Shea Stadium

Sept 13             7:00pm                    Grandview                            Legacy Stadium

Sept 20            7:00pm                     Bear Creek                            Shea Stadium (Homecoming)

Sept 27            7:00pm                     Regis Jesuit                          Shea Stadium

Oct 4                 7:00pm                      Highlands Ranch                Shea Stadium  (Away)

Oct 11               7:00pm                      Douglas County                  Shea Stadium

Oct 18               7:00pm                     Chaparral                               Burt.Com Stadium

Oct 25               7:00pm                      Mountain Vista                   Shea Stadium 


Highlands Ranch HS

Date                Time                        Opponent                          Location

Aug 31            7:00 PM                   Rock Canyon                       Highlands Ranch High School

Sept 8              1:00 PM                    Ponderosa                            Ponderosa High School

Sept13             6:00 PM                   Fossil Ridge                          French Field

Sept 22            1:00 PM                    Fruita Monument              Highlands Ranch High School

Sept 28            7:00 PM                    Chaparral                              Chaparral High School

Oct 04              7:00 PM                    ThunderRidge                     Highlands Ranch High School

Oct 12               7:00 PM                   Mountain Vista                   Mountain Vista High School

Oct 19               7:00 PM                    Douglas County                 Highlands Ranch High School

Oct 26               7:00 PM                   Regis Jesuit                         Regis Jesuit High School


Rock Canyon HS

Date                Time                        Opponent                          Location

Aug 31             7:00 PM                   Highlands Ranch                 Shea Stadium

Sept 07            4:00 PM                    Arvada West                         Arvada West High School

Sept 14             7:00 PM                   Fountain                                 Fort Carson

Sept 21             7:00 PM                   Castle View                            DC Stadium

Sept 28             7:00 PM                   Heritage                                  Shea Stadium

Oct 05               7:00 PM                  Doherty                                   Shea Stadium Comments: Homecoming Game

Oct 11                7:00 PM                  Palmer                                     Garry Berry Stadium

Oct 18                7:00 PM                  Legend                                     Shea Stadium

Oct 26                7:00 PM                 Valor Christian                     Shea Stadium


Valor Christian HS

Date                Time                        Opponent                          Location

Aug 24             7:00PM                   Mullen                                     Valor Christian High School

Sept 01            7:30 PM                   (Opponent TBD)

Sept 14            7:00 PM                  Heritage                                 Valor Christian High School

Sept 20           7:00 PM                  Legend                                     Legend High School Sports Authority Stadium

Sept 28           7:00 PM                  Fountain                                 Valor Christian High School

Oct 05             7:00 PM                  Castle View                            Castle View High School

Oct 12              7:00 PM                  Doherty                                   Doherty (Thomas B.) High School

Oct 19              7:00 PM                 Palmer                                      Valor Christian High School

Oct 26             7:00 PM                  Rock Canyon                          Shea Stadium

Are There Any Douglas County Schools Still On The Track System?

Douglas County CO Elementary SchoolIt’s back to school time again, already!  Can you believe how fast the summer seems to go?  Most kids are back in school and starting to learn all those new subjects for this school year. Kids in Douglas County Schools may have started early, but not as early as they used to.

Once upon a time, not that long ago, Douglas County was the fastest growing area in the country.  With that rapid growth, there was a plan and a need to accommodate the elementary schools with the expanding population.  So many new residents moving to Douglas County, and a large portion of them into Highlands Ranch, that careful planning needed to take place in order to manage the students along with the budget for new school buildings.  Thus was the start of the Douglas County School track system.

Many parts of Douglas County continue to see growth, however that huge rush of population took place some years back and now we have leveled out to a more stable cycle.  This is what the planners back then anticipated.  Smart people.  So now, the use of a track system in most of the elementary schools has given way to the more traditional school year.

There are some Douglas County schools that are on more of a modified calendar and many on a conventional calendar.  If you’re curious which, the Douglas County school district puts out a school calendar choice list so you can know what your school, or the school you will be heading to, will plan for the year.  Just click the link in the school’s choice column to see the calendar for the year. If you are planning a move within Douglas County or to Douglas County, hopefully this list can help with student planning.

If I can help guide you through this or more importantly, the real estate process please get in touch.  I would love to help and see if I could be a good fit.

Private Schools Apply For Douglas County Schools Voucher Pilot Program

There has been many opinions, pro and con regarding the Douglas County Schools of Choice Scholarship / Option Certificate / Voucher Pilot Program. I have also seen it called a variety of names including vouchers, option certificates and Choice Scholarships, the latter seeming to be the current.  In any case, the pilot program has passed by the Douglas County School Board and a time line has been set to implement the program.  Parents can sign up for interest and soon (5/2/11)  they will be able to apply for the 500 possible Option Certificates / Choice Scholarships to attend private schools in the area.  According to the time line, The application deadline will be 5/12/11.

While there are a variety of qualifications, the two that stand out to me is that your child must currently be enrolled in a Douglas County School this current 2010 – 2011 school year and the school you wish to use the Option Certificate must be approved.

Schools have now applied for approval into the program as the deadline was last Friday 4/15/11.  According to the DCSD website, 28 area private schools applied.   You can see a list here.

The schools that have applied are now being reviewed and a final list of accepted schools will be published on May 2, 2011.

denver mls homes search

5 Reasons To Buy A Home In Westridge Pointe | Highlands Ranch

There are so many great subdivisions throughout Highlands Ranch. Each neighborhood has it’s own unique qualities.  Highlands Ranch as a community is an awesome place to live and play.  Westridge Pointe is a subdivision of homes roughly between Town Center Drive and Highlands Ranch Parkway and Redstone Park to Marcy Park, on the west side of the ranch.  Home styles, sizes and pricing vary with something for nearly everyone. Here are 5 reasons to live in Westridge Pointe.

1. Access to shopping and freeways. Westridge Pointe lies very close by to shopping at Town Center and Town Center North in Highlands Ranch.  Also nearby is the King Soopers center at Wildcat with the shopping and dining available there.  Easy access to C-470 via Santa Fe can get you all around town. Those that choose to ride RTD Lite Rail have easy access to the Mineral Station, just up Santa Fe.

2. Trailblazer Elementary. Westridge Pointe is home to Trailblazer Elementary school, part of the Douglas County School District.  Trailblazer is an excellent school providing education and guidance for children grades K-6.

3. Westridge Rec Center. Westridge Pointe is fortunate enough to be home of the Westridge Rec Center.  This facility is available for all Highlands Ranch residents and is one of four separate facilities throughout Highlands Ranch.  The Westridge facility boasts both an indoor and outdoor pool, water slide, indoor running track, full cardio and weight areas and much more.

4. Redstone and Marcy Parks. Westridge Pointe is also home to both Redstone and Marcy Parks.  Marcy Park is a much smaller neighborhood park with a playground, shelter and basketball court.  Part of the Highlands Ranch trail system connects Marcy Park with Redstone Park. Redstone Park is a large, premier park featuring soccer fields, softball fields, tennis center, playground, stocked fishing pond and of course, shelters for picnics.

5. Rover’s Run Dogpark. Westridge Pointe is home to one of four off leash dog parks in Highlands Ranch.  Rover’s Run dog park is located adjacent to Redstone Park and along the trail connecting to Marcy Park.  Rover’s Run is the original off leash dog park and has recently been expanded and will soon be upgraded, adding more shade structures and amenities.  For dog lovers, having access to such a nice off leash park is a wonderful bonus.


denver mls homes search

STEM Charter School in Highlands Ranch CO

STEM School in Highlands Ranch

You have probably been hearing for some time that there would be a new charter middle & high school in Highlands Ranch – attempts to get it opened for this current school year didn’t get far enough – but it is a go for next year.

STEM School did collect enough open enrollments during the Douglas County Open enrollment period and their contract charter was signed on 2/1/2011.   Additionally, the principal has been secured and was introduced to the public this week.

STEM School is a Douglas County charter school with a core curriculum but also focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering & Math and is being modeled after the very successful Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia.

STEM School will open in August 2011 for the 2011 – 2012 school year. It’s first year will be grades 6 – 9 with each year adding another grade into the high school years.  The community already seems very active through their website, if you are interested, you should check it out.

STEM school highlands ranch

According to the STEM School website, there are still some spots opened for this first year.  The school will be located, for now anyway, in an office building on Ridgeline just off of Plaza and Lucent.  I actually toured it once, its actually quite spacious and will be a very nice spot for them to begin in.  From what I could find on the FAQ’s of the STEM website, it sounds like a new building is in the works but a 5 year lease on Ridgeline is signed.

stem school highlands ranch

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Ellen Gifts a Car to Rock Canyon HS Teacher in Highlands Ranch

In case you haven’t heard yet, today on The Ellen Show, a teacher from Rock Canyon High School, Chris Page, was given a car on the air. My wife just heard about this and we just watched the video – its really great!

Additionally Rock Canyon received a very generous gift as well.

We are so fortunate to have great schools and great teachers in the Douglas County School District. I don’t know Chris personally but we are very lucky to have teachers like him all over the school district.

Congratulations Chris!  I’ll wave if I see ya sporting your new car!  🙂

I can’t seem to embed the video here at the moment, will later if I can – but for now you can go to The Ellen Show youtube channel to see the event take place.  Very nice!

Rock Canyon High School Teacher Receive Car From Ellen in Highlands Ranch CO

Colorado Schools Registration: Open Enrollment is Now, Or About To Be

Colorado Schools: School of Choice Open Enrollment Information

If you have recently moved to Colorado or are planning on relocating to Denver, you may not know that as far as the public schools go – Colorado is an open enrollment state. Now, while you have the option to do this and open enroll, many families do attend their neighborhood school – the bottom line is, you have options.

Stone Mountain Elementary Highlands Ranch

Basically, what this means is that if a particular public school has room, they will open enroll for other children living in Colorado. This opens up an abundance of choice for your child’s education.  Every school district seems to have their own spin on the rules and dates surrounding the open enrollment procedures, so it is important to start the process early and research it thoroughly. In fact, some of the districts have already started taking enrollment forms and others will soon and some schools within districts have info sessions for parents and sometimes the kids too.

Many Colorado school districts have award winning schools and it is surprising to some that some of the best schools still have room to take students almost every year.  But not every school has room, some schools are at or near capacity so enrolling from out of district can be difficult if not impossible.  Contact the school district for further info.

Here are a few of the dates for just some of the districts in the Denver and south suburbs area for the 2011 – 2012 school year. Note that open enrollment pertains to regular public schools only, for charter, magnet and private schools that’s a whole different story and you need to check out each school policy.

Littleton Public Schools
Open Enrollment – opened Oct 1, 2010
Deadline – January 31 2011
LPS Enrollment Info

Douglas County School District
Open Enrollment – opens 12/1/10
Deadline – 1/18/2011
DCSD 2011 – 2012 Open Enrollment Info

Denver Public Schools
School of Choice Round 1 – January 3 – Jan 31, 2011

Jeffco Public Schools
First Round – Jan 5, 2011 through Jan 24, 2011

Cherry Creek Schools
School of Choice Enrollment Nov 15, 2010 – February 1, 2011

Aurora Public Schools
Initial Open Enrollment Jan 15 – May 1

Please contact the district or school you are interested in for specific details related to them. These are just general dates related to each district, if you want to open enroll you must contact the school as soon as possible for their own guidelines and to find out if the specific school you are interested in is accepting open enrollments or if they are at capacity.


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