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We’ve had our first real snow of the season now this week and while I thought it would warm up today, that hasn’t been the case.  If you are thinking ofHighlands Ranch Redstone Parkputting your home on the market, here are some tips from past posts that will help you sell you Denver real estate and protect your home in the winter months.

Showing Your Home in Bad Weather – Weather you live in Highlands Ranch, Denver, Lone Tree – wherever, this week was the first in the Denver area where you has to make considerations on showing your home in bad weather.

Preparing Your Denver Home For Winter – It isn’t too late for some winter prep for your home and yard

Freezing Pipes Prevention & What to do When it Happens – This is not a fun one. This weeks cold shouldn’t be bad enough to cause this, but you want to read this before it gets any colder.

Denver Relocation Information – Winter Weather – Many of my Denver relocation clients ask me about typical Denver weather in the winter.

What other tips do you have for selling Denver real estate in the winter?

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Winter Week In Highlands Ranch

What a week.  First we had our Below Zero spell.

Yesterday I heard pretty last minute there was a chance of an inch or so of snow, yet it seemed to start snowing very quickly after lunch and didn’t ever really stop.   I had to travel north into Englewood and Denver last night, roads north of County Line Rd didn’t seem too bad, but Douglas County was far icier it seemed.  When I returned home a bit after 9 it seemed, there weren’t many cars on the road but the snow seemed to be tapering off.  I though I had maybe 4 inches on my deck.  Weather report said snow moving out, some more tomorrow.

Did that snow tomorrow, now today, arrive early or did it just never stop?

Highlands Ranch CO snow

Flash forward to this morning, about 8 inches on the deck and it is snowing, although the sky does seem to be lightening up right now a bit.

It sounds like the south metro suburbs did get more snow than downtown, one news website say 1.2 inches of accumulation in Denver from Saturday.  Not over here.  And if you are not familiar with the Denver area, Highlands Ranch is about 12 miles from downtown.  Weather can vary differently in Denver depending on where you are.

My dog loves the snow.  I braved the elements this morning and took him on his daily loop around Redstone Park.  It is so much a routine for him that he is heading out after his breakfast and he is even more excited when he sees the snow.  There is really now saying no.  Just wants to roll in it for hours it seems.

Highlands Ranch snow dog

I do not share his enthusiasm, while I do enjoy watching him enjoy it.  I am feeling done with the snow.  I know, its been very easy here until this week.  But I have been stuck in a frozen elevator in a parking garage, have had issues with the cold at the house and a few other minor details.  Ready for spring here.

Highlands Ranch Redstone Park

The weather forecast says more Monday and Tuesday.  Sounds like we are playing catch up with the rest of the country this week.

I’m bringing my slippers to our Superbowl Party.

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Denver Weather: Is it Really -10?

Its a Tad Cold in Denver Right Now. Understatement.

Here we are on the coldest day so far this year. Sounds like tonight it will get even colder.  But today we won’t break 0 with a high in Highlands Ranch of -2.

Pretty much all schools have canceled, its just too dangerous for anyone to be outside for any length of time.  I am hearing the frost nip and frost bite can start after just 10 minutes on exposed skin.  My own kids are taking the opportunity to catch up on sleep and video games.

I just got off the phone with a potential Denver relocation client, he is here in Denver on business right now and entertaining two job offers, one of which is here in the south Denver suburbs.  We were talking about a variety of things, locations, etc and he wanted to know – is this type of cold normal?  Now, he is from New England where they are getting battered with snow once again, so he is used to that.  But I don’t know who could be used to snow.

The short and correct answer is:  no – this is not normal. Do we have arctic cold snaps now & then, yes!  I do remember a morning back in January of last year seeing my car thermometer at -7.  But to have many days like this in one winter is not normal.

Denver is known for its 300 days of sunshine.  And with that sun comes mild winters generally speaking.  We get our cold and we get our snow (which has not been much yet this year) and then it all warms up and melts away and you will be back to eating lunch on a patio somewhere in no time.  Thursday through Sunday of last week were extremely mild days and an amazing way to end January, until we go this cold air anyway.  Sunday my daughter was on a soccer field for 2 hours and my son was outside for most of the day in shorts.

So if you don’t like the weather, find something to distract you and within a few days it will be different, sometimes even drastically.

I shot this quickly this afternoon out the back door in Highlands Ranch. The wind started gusting again and the snow was flurrying around a bit but it was just frigid out there. The dog ran out quickly to do his thing and he wanted back in but I was blocking the way for a moment while I was taping.


I wrote this earlier today, meant to post and did not.  It never got above zero and we have experienced dropping temps tonight.  It is -11 right now and expected to drop to -17 to -22 by the early morning, before the windchill factor.  Many schools have canceled for Wednesday, but not all.  By the afternoon temps will begin to rise above 0 and we will be on our way to warmer days.

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