Year End Real Estate Data in Highlands Ranch 2013

The Numbers – How Highlands Ranch Homes Sales Fared in 2013

Happy New Year!

Now that we have a couple weeks of 2014 under our belt let’s take a look at how the Denver area real estate market performed last year.  There is a lot of positive speculation out there regarding the economy and especially the real estate market here in Highlands Ranch, it’s always a good idea to take a look back at the year end real estate data for 2013 to get a sense of the activity and where it may lead us this year.

By most accounts, last year was a tremendous success when it comes to the Highlands Ranch housing market!  Days on market averaged only around a month while the average months of inventory remained just about 2 months.  If we compare the activity in Highlands Ranch for 2013, year over year to 2012 we see these very positive results:  Overall number of sales in 2013 were up by 314 homes. (Keep reading below my year end graphic.)

Highlands Ranch Market Stats 2013

Overall days on market to sell those homes was down by an average of 25 days. Almost a month! And the overall average sales price INCREASE was $22,318,000.  So more homes sold, for more money and took a lot less time to sell.  Is there any downside to that? Actually, if there is a downside to the year end real estate data in Highlands Ranch it is the inventory levels.  Low, low, low housing inventory throughout much of the Denver metro area but this is especially true in Highlands Ranch.  This creates a great market for sellers who want a faster sale and near asking price on their home – if of course it is priced right in the first place.  But for home buyers, this increases the likelihood of needing to overbid on homes, feeling rushed a bit in making a decision and of course, the disappointment of losing out on the home, or homes, of your dream.  It can be rough.  Most of the sellers become buyers and feel both ends of the home low inventory issue.

However, the year end real estate data for Highlands Ranch for 2013 is still a very positive result. It is always good to have home prices increasing and demand high.  This is a great situation to be in.  With interest rates remaining low for the time being, I would suspect demand for Highlands Ranch homes to stay red hot and why not, Highlands Ranch is a wonderful place to live and an excellent place to own a home.

I live and work in Highlands Ranch and have for nearly 20 years.  If you are considering a move in Highlands Ranch, you’ll want an agent with experience to help navigate the details in a fast moving market with competing offers.  If I can help you with your next move, please get in touch and let’s start the conversation.

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Moving in the Winter? Denver Real Estate Tips

Denver Winter Living

We’ve had our first real snow of the season now this week and while I thought it would warm up today, that hasn’t been the case.  If you are thinking ofHighlands Ranch Redstone Parkputting your home on the market, here are some tips from past posts that will help you sell you Denver real estate and protect your home in the winter months.

Showing Your Home in Bad Weather – Weather you live in Highlands Ranch, Denver, Lone Tree – wherever, this week was the first in the Denver area where you has to make considerations on showing your home in bad weather.

Preparing Your Denver Home For Winter – It isn’t too late for some winter prep for your home and yard

Freezing Pipes Prevention & What to do When it Happens – This is not a fun one. This weeks cold shouldn’t be bad enough to cause this, but you want to read this before it gets any colder.

Denver Relocation Information – Winter Weather – Many of my Denver relocation clients ask me about typical Denver weather in the winter.

What other tips do you have for selling Denver real estate in the winter?

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Highlands Ranch Luxury Homes

Luxury Homes Highlands Ranch COSo, what is a luxury home? Opinions can and do vary greatly on what might be considered luxury.  Is it granite counters, cherry cabinets and stainless steel appliances?  A gated community/neighborhood? Maybe, but many homes in nearly all price ranges in Highlands Ranch may have these luxuries.  Of course this can get too complicated and so I will define Highlands Ranch luxury homes with a simple dollar figure.  We will use $700,000 and above to define Highlands Ranch luxury homes.  The average priced home in Highlands Ranch currently is about $340,000, so this number seems about right.

Where are all the luxury homes in Highlands Ranch? BackCountry, Falcon Hills, Highwoods?  Yes on all three of these wonderful neighborhoods and then some others as well.  Places like Weatherstone, Highlands Ranch Golf Club and Mansion Hills.  The majority of active homes in this price range will be in BackCountry, Highwoods and Falcon Hills.   Here is the most current list of luxury homes in Highlands Ranch.

Interestingly, all 3 of the top spots for Highlands Ranch luxury homes are located within gated subdivisions.  But isn’t that part of what luxury living is about?  Luxury living is not new to Highlands Ranch.  The proximity to the DTC, many new corporate headquarters in the area and of course excellent schools, lifestyle and shopping all make Highlands Ranch a target for luxury home buyers.

If you are considering a move to a Highlands Ranch luxury home or maybe sell your current home, please get in touch.  I would like to help.  Lets have a friendly conversation and determine if we are a good match to work together.

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Highlands Ranch Real Estate Sales Data Report | August 2011

Highlands Ranch Real Estate Sales Data Report August 2011

Highlands Ranch real estate inventory remains pretty low again this month. There is less to choose from and fewer buyers making these choices.  Surprisingly, since interest rates remain at all time lows and sellers are mostly pricing very competitively.  Another sign of the times, I think, with concern about the economy in general. The months of inventory for homes priced above $500k have crept up some making the switch to a buyer’s market for the most part, with the exception this month for the $900k-$1M market.

So now more than ever, sellers need to stay focused on price, condition and keep in tune with the market. We’re winding down the summer season and heading into Fall. There are still plenty of folks that want to purchase their home this year and settle in before the holidays.  So keep competitive and ready.

Buyers can still take advantage of the biggest factor in leveraging your purchasing power, interest rates! Rates impact buying power far more than typical price adjustments.  So with less inventory to pick from, when you find the right home it is a great time to “pull the trigger” and make it happen. The best inventory still sells the fastest, always.

If you’re looking to sell or buy in Highlands Ranch or anywhere in the Denver area, contact me I would love to help.

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Highlands Ranch Real Estate Market Report | July 2011

 Highlands Ranch real estate market data July 2011

July statistics indicate that Highlands Ranch real estate is pretty balanced in nearly all price ranges.  Overall inventory is still lower than previous years numbers, however for the inventory we have to work with, things look optimistic for sellers.

The bulk of the activity is once again, between $200-$400k.  This price range is attractive to many first time home buyers and with interest rates now at incredible lows, I forsee this activity to continue through the August statistics.

Sellers can know that the inventory levels favor them as far as supply/demand in the Highlands Ranch real estate market.  However, I caution again that an overpriced home in less than good condition will struggle to sell in any market.  Pay attention to the trends in your neighborhood.

Buyers continue to have mortgage rates at all time lows, so if you are borrowing to purchase your Highlands Ranch home then now may be the strongest buying power you may have, maybe ever.  Take advantage of the mortgage markets and if you find the home you love, act on it more sooner than later.  Supply remains low and the best inventory never lasts long.

If you want help finding your next Highlands Ranch home or selling your existing home, please let me know.  I follow the market values and with nearly two decades of experience, I would love to help you out as well.


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Highlands Ranch Real Estate Market Report | June 2011

Highlands Ranch real estate market report June 2011

June marks the halfway point for the year and let’s see how the Highlands Ranch real estate market looks. If you have a home in Highlands Ranch and the price is $700k and above, the market looks pretty slow.  In fact, no sales! Ouch. Sellers in this price range know that the market is slower.  Stay patient, competitive and have a great marketing presence.  On the other hand if you are in the hottest part of the market, the $200-$400k range then look at the activity.  This has the greatest amount of inventory along with the highest number of sales, resulting in pretty low months of inventory and relatively low numbers of days on market.  Great!

If you are a seller in Highlands Ranch, well it will depend on the price range of your home. The bulk of the inventory up to $600k is still red hot! Low months of inventory and good sales numbers for June indicate a real seller’s market.  Keep your home priced competitive and showing good and you should be fine.

If you are looking to buy in Highlands Ranch, stay on top of the inventory and don’t wait for too long especially in the hot price ranges.  You may be left out!  Rates are still great, inventory activity shows Highlands Ranch is still a great place to buy and demand is pretty good.

I have been living in Highlands Ranch and selling homes for 17 years. Let me put my experience and market knowledge to work for you or someone you know.  This community has a lot to offer and I would love to help you discover it.  Give me a call or email and let me know how I can help.

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5 Reasons To Buy A Home In Westridge Pointe | Highlands Ranch

There are so many great subdivisions throughout Highlands Ranch. Each neighborhood has it’s own unique qualities.  Highlands Ranch as a community is an awesome place to live and play.  Westridge Pointe is a subdivision of homes roughly between Town Center Drive and Highlands Ranch Parkway and Redstone Park to Marcy Park, on the west side of the ranch.  Home styles, sizes and pricing vary with something for nearly everyone. Here are 5 reasons to live in Westridge Pointe.

1. Access to shopping and freeways. Westridge Pointe lies very close by to shopping at Town Center and Town Center North in Highlands Ranch.  Also nearby is the King Soopers center at Wildcat with the shopping and dining available there.  Easy access to C-470 via Santa Fe can get you all around town. Those that choose to ride RTD Lite Rail have easy access to the Mineral Station, just up Santa Fe.

2. Trailblazer Elementary. Westridge Pointe is home to Trailblazer Elementary school, part of the Douglas County School District.  Trailblazer is an excellent school providing education and guidance for children grades K-6.

3. Westridge Rec Center. Westridge Pointe is fortunate enough to be home of the Westridge Rec Center.  This facility is available for all Highlands Ranch residents and is one of four separate facilities throughout Highlands Ranch.  The Westridge facility boasts both an indoor and outdoor pool, water slide, indoor running track, full cardio and weight areas and much more.

4. Redstone and Marcy Parks. Westridge Pointe is also home to both Redstone and Marcy Parks.  Marcy Park is a much smaller neighborhood park with a playground, shelter and basketball court.  Part of the Highlands Ranch trail system connects Marcy Park with Redstone Park. Redstone Park is a large, premier park featuring soccer fields, softball fields, tennis center, playground, stocked fishing pond and of course, shelters for picnics.

5. Rover’s Run Dogpark. Westridge Pointe is home to one of four off leash dog parks in Highlands Ranch.  Rover’s Run dog park is located adjacent to Redstone Park and along the trail connecting to Marcy Park.  Rover’s Run is the original off leash dog park and has recently been expanded and will soon be upgraded, adding more shade structures and amenities.  For dog lovers, having access to such a nice off leash park is a wonderful bonus.


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